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Not a Trick, Out of Treats

2015 October 12
by Michelle
not a trick 8 x 10

You might remember this sign from a few years back, well when I pulled it out of storage recently I could see that the years had not been kind to it and it was time for an upgrade. So, I sketched out a little concept on some paper and with the help of a little ink and watercolor, brought it to life.

Now when all the goodies run out on Halloween night, I can just hang this cutie on the door and let the would-be trick or treaters know we’re all out of sweets.

An Ode to last years Angora Sweater

2015 September 18
by Michelle

I see you hanging there in my closet with promises of warmth and luxury. You spout tales of fashion and coziness but you sir, are a liar. You lured me in with your rock bottom price. Who could pass up a legit Angora sweater in a perfect shade of plum for only $9.99? I know that I couldn’t. Into my basket you went and I eagerly awaited the day when I could pull you up over my head and bask in the splendor of your woven goodness.

Oh How I Have Missed Thee

2015 May 1
by Michelle

Really, nearly 2 years and no posts from me? As you may notice I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from Blogging. Our family has grown again by 1 human baby and 1 fur baby. Well, the human baby is already 1½ and the puppy is 6 months old. We’ve also moved across the country as well and now that our feet are firmly planted in God’s Country, the Great State of Texas, I feel its time to plunge back into the thing that I got so much joy from, making stuff and telling you guys all about it. My hands have not been idle during my timeout from blogland which means I have so much to share with you. I hope you’ll be patient with me too while a MUCH NEEDED redesign for the blog is finalized and implemented. So for now, I’ll leave you with this, aren’t they just precious?kids with bluebonnets

GF Pineapple Muffins

2013 June 21

GF Pineapple Muffins
We struggle with foods a lot at home. With our oldest having so many allergies, I’m in the kitchen a lot more than I’d like to. I never was much of a cook or chef but now I have to be. One of our favorite recipes that we came across was from Allyson Kramer’s Blog All her recipes are gluten free and vegan.
Now, we’re not vegan by any stretch and Lilly LOVES Bacon (can you blame her), but finding something that doesn’t contain wheat or dairy or egg can be tricky. Added to that, it needs to taste good enough for a finicky pre-schooler to like it.

iDad Father’s Day Card

2013 June 7
by Michelle

iDad Fathers Day Card


When a version of this came across my feed from I knew I had to recreate the idea for my own iPad/iPhone addicted loving Father. I used my handy dandy Silhouette machine to do all my dirty work and cut out all the icon flaps.


Following their idea, I grabbed apple icons from the web and resized them to fit my design leaving the bottom flaps for our message to my Dad. It was fun looking back through some of our family pictures and finding ones that would be meaningful to my dad and spotlighted each of our 3 kids as well as Mr. Millionayres and myself.

Got no love for cavities? Candy free Valentine’s Day Cards

2013 February 1

Now while I joke that all my teeth are “Sweet” teeth, it seems to me like there’s always some holiday on the horizon with the promise of sweets to eat. It’s hard enough to say no to myself, but it seems like I’m constantly telling my kiddos “No” to some around every corner.

So I wanted to share with you the Valentine’s Day cards my little ones will be giving out this season. I decided to make 2 different ones though not for any reason other than the fact that I liked both of them. While you might think 1 was for boys and 1 for girls, that’s not the case. My girls LOVE playing with cars and I know plenty of little guys who would dominate this puzzle with their (very) admirable hand eye coordination.

{Son}shine Birthday Party!

2013 January 21
by Michelle

So, it may have been thrown 10 days after the fact, but I’m so excited to share with you Weston’s 1st birthday party! The theme was {son}shine, without being the typical “You are my sunshine…” so that meant there was yellow galore!
As it typically is, 1st birthday parties aren’t usually about the kid but it’s more for the adults. It’s a congratulatory celebration for keeping another human being alive for an entire year!


We started the party with Weston still asleep but shortly after everyone arrived, we woke him up, made him look a little dapper in his gray and yellow interlocking circle bow tie and blue fedora we picked up at target.

Valentine’s accessories rolling out at Made by Millionayres Etsy & 20 % off coupon code!

2013 January 14
by Michelle

20percent off code


Valentine’s day is approaching and many mommies are starting to think about sweet treats and gifts to give to their little ones. I just love Valentine’s Day and I try to make is as special for my kiddos as (I hope) my hubby makes it for me!

Well now you can save 20% storewide at the Millionayres Etsy site including all the newly added Valentines bows, headbands and bow ties.

Just use coupon code VALENTINE  at checkout. Have special requests or want different color combos, just message me. You can either visit the site by clicking here, or use the widget below…

Busy Board for a Busy {birthday} Boy!

2013 January 9


**UPDATE 7/21/15** Two and a half years later, this post has been pinned exactly 228,908 times! Thank you all for your interest and support. We have since added another busy baby (girl) to the mix and traveled to God’s country, Texas, and the busy board is happy in its new home and still going strong with my own kids as well as their friends.**

14 Valentine’s Day Garland ideas!

2013 January 7
by Michelle


Well if you’re much like me, you only just got the rest of the Christmas decorations put away and you’re already geared up for the next holiday. We have 3 birthdays between now and the day we honor love in this house, so it can get a little tricky having seasonal decorations up in addition to party themed decorations. I guess everyone’s birthday will just be full of a little extra love this year.

To get you started I searched the inter-webs and rounded up 14 Valentines garland ideas to get your ideas going and bring a little extra love into your home.