Millionayres | 12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 6: Mistletoe Kissing Ball!

12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 6: Mistletoe Kissing Ball!


***UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Sarah! Thanks for entering everyone. Be sure you enter all the other giveaways that are live while you still can!***

We did it, we hit the hump and we’re half way through the first 12 days of Christmas! So get ready to pucker up with todays DIY Giveaway the mistletoe kissing ball! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end.

Okay so in my distraction known as my kids haste I forgot to snap a picture of all the supplies for this project. So, here’s what you need:

  • Felt
  • styrofoam ball (mine was about 4″ in diameter and yes it’s from another project that I dissected)
  • scrissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • floral pins
  • grosgrain ribbon
To make the leaf shapes I actually cut out some tear drop shapes, a bunch of them, maybe about 100 or more. So I was sitting there for a while. After I had a boat load (not all pictured here) I started in with my glue gun.

I put a small dab of glue on the bottom and pinch it to create a curved leaf shape. I recommend prepping a bunch of these at a time so that you’re not gluing the felt to itself then to the foam. Henry Ford had something there with his whole assembly line notion. I knew it would catch on.

When it’s time to start attaching the leafs, start about 3/4 of the way down the ball and work your way up layering as you go.

As you approach the top of the foam ball, turn the leafs over and glue them down the other direction.

When the top is finished, flip the ball over and start working on the other end, filling in as you go.

To give the ball something to hang from. Cut a 16″ length of 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon and double knot it to give it the pretty little split. If you want to, cut the ends on an angle be sure to heat seal the ends with either a lighter, match or wood burning tool.

Here’s the ball after it’s been completely covered in felt leafs. But wait we’re not done! Glue that cute little ribbon to the top and get ready to add the finishing touches.

Grab some pearl floral pins. You can find them in the floral section of the craft store. I think a box of 3″ ones goes for $4 or something like that but I most definitely used a coupon. I originally used these for my sisters bridal bouquet when she got married earlier this year.

Stick the pins in any spots that are looking a little thin. Don’t forget to cluster some together now and again to make it look more realistic like how mistletoe grows naturally. I really dig how this turned out even more so when I hung it to snap a pick and got some extra smooches from the Hubbs!

Again, thanks for walking with me through this season, don’t miss your chance to own this cute love inspiring holi-craft. Oh, that’s what I’ve started calling these now. Holiday+ Craft= Holicraft. I like it.

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  • Adora

    06.12.2012 at 09:41 Reply

    Ooooo I want kisses!

  • Falon

    06.12.2012 at 23:24 Reply

    I fill marry and bright

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