Millionayres | Ain’t nobody dope as me – #FreebieFriday printable
Ain't nobody dope as me

Ain’t nobody dope as me – #FreebieFriday printable

It’s really been a long month y’all so thank you for being patient with me. Just so you don’t get confused, for me, being confident is a constant work in progress. Maybe that’s why I like rap and hip hop so much;  they’re constantly bragging on themselves. So here’s to confidence and proclaiming “Ain’t nobody dope as me” click here to download your own copy of this 8×10 print.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of launching a t-shirt line to my MillionAyres brand. It’s something that I really would love to do and I’m totally a tshirt and jeans kinda chick. It wouldn’t always be sweet and inspirational. My hope is that it would also be a place where I get to express my sense of humor.

Signs and prints are very personal items that you have to really be in love with to display them in your home, but I’ve never known anyone who couldn’t possibly fit one more t shirt in their closet. Especially when it’s as awesome as my shirts will be 😂


Until next time, y’all are the dopest!



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