Millionayres | Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets…until now.

Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets…until now.

I have long lived by that thought. Life was too short to suffer the frustration of attempting to fold fitted sheets, that was until I came across this how-to over at I owe this discovery to the very popular Pinterest and thought I’d share it with you my readers. I folded several fitted sheets using this method last night and had a nerdy rush of “look at this” come over me as I unfolded and refolded some bedding just to show my husband. He was pleased stating, “I guess I just got out of folding fitted sheets for the rest of my life, since it’s now a one person job.” True. I’m kinda dorky that way.

So, now that you know how achievable a neat looking linen closet can be, what will you do with this bit of genius?



  • Mom

    14.09.2011 at 14:20 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I was shown this way many years ago but with my poor memory, I only remembered parts of this procedure. Having the pictures and directions in front of me is a good thing! I put the fitted sheet inside the top sheet with the pillowcases on top of the fitted sheet, then fold them all together. It keeps them all together and looks nice in the linen closet.

  • Audra

    14.09.2011 at 16:54 Reply

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate and dread to fold fitted sheets!!!!! 🙂

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