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Calling all the Monsters Freebie Friday Downloadable Printable

If you have kids, especially girls you have probably watched Disney's Descendants and Descendants 2 about a million times. My girls def caught the fever and the KidsBop station on Pandora helped solidify that obsession. Any song from China Anne McClain, who played Uma, seems to play on repeat and her song, Calling all the monsters has firmly planted itself in my brain. So to get it out, I put it on paper with my spin on it. And now I'm passing it on to you with today's #freebiefriday digital download printable. Click here to get yours. Here's a peek at its progression during the designing process. [video width="864" height="1080" m4v=""][/video]...

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Ain't nobody dope as me

Ain’t nobody dope as me – #FreebieFriday printable

It's really been a long month y'all so thank you for being patient with me. Just so you don't get confused, for me, being confident is a constant work in progress. Maybe that's why I like rap and hip hop so much;  they're constantly bragging on themselves. So here's to confidence and proclaiming "Ain't nobody dope as me" click here to download your own copy of this 8x10 print. I've been mulling over the idea of launching a t-shirt line to my MillionAyres brand. It's something that I really would love to do and I'm totally a tshirt and jeans kinda chick. It wouldn't always be sweet and inspirational. My hope is that it would also be a place where I get to express my sense of humor. Signs and prints are very...

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phone lock screen

Some Bunny Loves You #FreebieFriday Downloadable Lock Screen

Happy Friday friends! I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted a Freebie on here, so let's change that. Todays #FreebieFriday is a new lock screen for your phone since I haven't shared a new one since well before Valentines and it's nearly March! Todays lock screen is a chalk art inspired picture with the words Some Bunny Loves You. And I really do. Thank you guys for following, reading, subscribing to the newsletter. All the things. You guys are amazing. Speaking of newsletter we are hoping to officially start sending those out on a weekly basis to coincide with the #freebiefriday . So if you haven't already, go ahead a click the subscribe link over to the side and you won't miss out...

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I Love Us Arrow SVG file #freebiefriday

Well I for one am so glad that it's Friday. I live for Fridays. And that not just because Friday night is pizza night, though that doesn't hurt. Fridays means a wind down for the week. The promise of the weekend with my whole family home. Okay, you got me. Friday means my husband will be home and I won't be alone in this parenting exercise called my life. But it also means I get to share another freebie with you! Todays is a little different from a simple downloadable print. This one is meant for makers. Today's is a FREE SVG file for this cute little design. Valentines is around the corner, true, but this one is meant as a shout out to the awesome community of makers...

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white protrait framed

Live Laugh Love Free Printable #FridayFreebie

Okay so I might be biased, but I love Valentines. For me it was never really about Romance, but just love. We've always tried to make it more about showing our kids how much they're loved. But I'm not gonna turn down any romantic gestures and surely not chocolate! You know I have a sweet tooth. It's kind of a problem, but that's another post. So, to show my love to y'all, please accept my love and adoration in the form of a Free Download Printable. Hit Print, or send off to your fav printer (OfficeMax, Kinkos, whatever floats your boat) and slap that puppy in a frame. Instant Holiday decoration! Click here to down load yours.  ...

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All you need is Love is all you need Lock screen #FreebieFriday

It’s that time again! Freebie Friday!! Love is in the air and it's time for a new lock screen. All you need is love & love is all you need. Well maybe that and a latte and Netflix and tacos but the sentiment is there. Today's freebie is a lock screen that is all about love ❤️  perfect for an upcoming super special holiday. This can also be purchased as a downloadable digital 8x10 print for just $5 in my Etsy shop. Click here to download your own free lock screen and set it to your background too! You may have to “right-click” and “save-as” to download the photo if you’re on a computer. iPhone instructions here. Make sure you set it to “static” and not “perspective” and to zoom out to...

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FreebieFriday Christmas Wrapping Paper- Digital download

Deck the Halls Y'all! Todays Freebie is a digital download of 5 Christmas pattern designs great for those small stocking stuffer gifts. Wrap a pair of earrings, a gift certificate , a box of coal for that naughty kid. The possibilities are endless. Just print them out on basic copy paper and instant Christmas wrapping paper! Just click here to download yours. ...

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Grace Upon Grace Lock Screen- Freebie Friday

It's that time again! Freebie Friday!! More like Fri-yay! Amirite?!?!? Okay maybe not that exciting. It's 5 on a friday, kids are hungry, pantry is pretty much empty except for that half bag of frozen chicken nuggets. Well here's a little something to brighten your day and bless that start of your weekend. Grace upon Grace my sweet friends! Click here to download your own free lock screen and set it to your background too! You may have to “right-click” and “save-as” to download the photo if you’re on a computer. iPhone instructions here. Make sure you set it to “static” and not “perspective” and to zoom out to 100%....

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