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12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 Tabletop Christmas trees Set of 3 Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Angie Shaw who was randomly selected to receive the set of 3 Tabletop Christmas Trees. Today is day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas and giveaways. Today's Giveaway includes a set of three Table Top Christmas tree. As beautiful as these decorations are what get's me most excited is how INEXPENSIVE they were to make. I literally only spent $1.50 on all three. $1 for tissue paper and $0.50 for the posterboard everything else you'll most likely have on hand. Before getting started enter today's giveaway for a chance to take these bad boys home with you! // <a href="">You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.Step 1: First grab your supplies and settle in because this project will take some time: Posterboard tissue...

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 Rustic Wrapped Ornaments & Giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed Congrats to Adora Wilkins who was randomly selected to receive these rustic ornamets. Merry Christmas and welcome to the MillionAyres 12 days of Christmas. Today is day 1 and we're featuring a rustic wrapped ornament. If you're tired of what you're limited to at the multitude of stores selling painfully similar ornaments this year and you want something a little more unique, a little more hand made then look no further. These ornaments give you the hand crafted look without the handmade look. Don't get me wrong, I love the ornaments decorating the tree that were lovingly made by my children, but something a little more chic makes this Christmas love smile. I always said I'd have 2 trees when I...

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DIY Wednesday: No knit, Knitted Bangle

Okay, so maybe my knitting skills are sub-par at best, but I really love the look of knitted bangles. I love the look but not the price. Free is more to my liking. Pricey accessories are not something that I splurge on often or at all, but this was so cute I got to thinking how could I make my own with what limited knitting skills I had. Then the solution hit me like a ton of bricks.."Don't even try to knit it, use that ugly old sweater in your closet!" I knew there was a reason I had held on to that unflattering frock for so long and this was it.  So now all I needed was a bangle. I dug through my box-o-forgotten accessories and found...

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Craftiness is in the eye of the beholder…

So you show someone some intricate hand crafted masterpiece from Anthropologie or Pottery Barn and most people will think that it's amazing or impressive, but what about a wadded up piece of paper sitting on the floor? Well apparently I've been twisting and gluing random pieces of paper or fabric enough lately that my 2 year old daughter has taken notice. The only thing is that she can't seem to distinguish a purposefully wrinkled or rolled piece of tissue paper for a  craft project with a crumpled up scrap of printer paper lying on the floor. My sweet Lilly recently found said trash in a wad and brought it to me. With the sweetest most endearing and amazed tone she held it up and said, "You...

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DIY Wednesday: Wreath Storage

Okay, it's no new thing, my love and all out obsession with wreaths. I love to make them, I love to look at them and I love to hang them in random places in my house. BUT what do you do with all those seasonal wreaths when it's time to take them down? Sure you could stock up on those plastic wreath storage boxes around the holidays, but if you love wreaths as much as I do, that can get expensive to buy enough for all your circular little lovelies. The bigger the wreath the more expensive those plastic tubs become Plus then you have a huge number of bulky plastic bins that need a home. Well, I have a solution for you that won't take up...

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FALLing in love with my wreath all over again!

If you remember my post on my $3.90 Burlap Wreath then I'm excited to share the seasonal facelift if received this past weekend. I had already gave it some personality for Halloween, see below, but over the weekend I had another HOT date with my glue gun and I think you'll like what I came up with. I grabbed some fall leaves (not the real variety since I live in the 2 season state of Florida) that I had purchased a few years prior at Michael's on sale. I have used these as table decorations in years past, but I thought it was time to give these puppies a definitive calling in life. I began playing around with the layout of the leaves until I found something that...

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Friday Free Printable: Christmas Recipe Cards

Tis the season right? One time honored tradition in many homes around the holidays is the baking and exchanging of various yule-tide dishes, namely cookies. What goes better with a cookie, other than a glass of milk, is the recipe to share so that your gift can keep on giving for years to come. This week's Friday Free printable was inspired by my own cookie exchange, A Christmas themed recipe card. Typically, Friday Free Printables are available for 1 week only, but I'm making an exception. My gift to you is to make this printable available for download through the holiday season. Download it, use it and abuse it, but as always this is for personal use only. And if you just happen to want to...

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DIY Wednesday: Paper Ornamnets

Okay well I'm a slacker and didn't take pictures while making these since I was employing the use of my super "helpful" 2 year old. When 2 year olds and blades are present, there's little time for capturing each step. Gather your supplies: Paper of any kind- I employed an old book for mine but colorful scrapbook paper can mean that your ornaments can coordinate with any of your other christmas decorations. scissors/paper cutter eyelet punch / pin to poke a hole into your paper eyelets or brads string for hanging your ornament Step 1: Start by cutting your paper, you will need the following quantities for each ornament: 1- 1" x 4" 2- 1" x 5" 2- 1" x 6" Step 2:Gather your pieces with your 6" section on the outside the 5" sections between them...

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Anthropologie rope necklace copy cat

After coming across Nicole's post of her Anthropologie inspired curls and coils necklace over at  lillyella I thought I'd give it a shot. Granted I wanted my version to be a little more loopy and defined so I adjusted my technique a little bit and made this awesome necklace out of cotton cording from JoAnn's for about $1.  What i love about this material over rope is, 1) it's softer and 2) it's super light weight. I like how it turned out, slightly more bib like than just a dangle-y necklace and now all that's left to decide is what to pair it with.  ...

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Keeping Crafty

I realized that as the holidays approach, I'm finding myself getting busier and busier. Most of my busy-ness involves making stuff, but I've been neglecting sharing it with you all. I promise to start posting all the little things that have kept me busy for the past 2 weeks. But for now I'll just share some of the stuff I've made in between all the "have-to" projects on my plate. Like so many mammas of little princesses, I make hair bows. Granted I make bows that they never wear or wear for 5 seconds and lose somewhere while we're running errands and i don't notice. But I find myself making more of them when I feel little or no inspiration to make anything else. [caption id="attachment_770" align="aligncenter"...

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