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DIY Wednesday: Eyeshadow Repair

Has this ever happened to you? You open up your make up bag to find the eye shadow you were searching for has crumbled  (I like to blame curious toddlers, once in particular). Well never fear, all is not lost. I learned this trick back in my Mary Kay days and thought I'd share it with you since it was something I had to exercise just this morning. Grab that busted eyeshadow and some mineral oil, baby oil, whatever you might have around. Since I'm super pregnant, I have a bottle of Palmer's skin therapy oil just right there in the bathroom, and so it got called into action for the second time today. Doing your best not to lose too much, dump the smaller pieces of...

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Friday Free Printable: Little Boy Blue Poster

  UPDATE: This Download is expired. Check out the webstore for this and other great printables. Our little man, to be named still, will be here in 9 short weeks. Time to get thinking about a nursery! I know most of you mommies out there would already have everything all together by now, but what can I saw, I'm a SUPER frugal procrastinator and haven't come across anything that peaked my design interest or price point. Time to start making my own stuff! So I started thinking about cute wall art that I could put up in his room. I've always been a sucker for old school nursery rhymes and this one kept coming to mind. This little guy is an 11" x 14" poster that would nicely...

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DIY Wednesday: Cookie Sheet Magnetic Message Board

Cookie sheets are a crafter's best friend. They're a hard surface that can tolerate paint, glue, heat, scrapes and any number of evils that accompany a crafter's habits. I have used (and abused) mine, an old beat up cookie sheet that I'm sure I inherited long ago though I can't remember when. As loved as it is, it was ugly. It was just a blank canvas waiting for a face lift. Call me Dr. MillionAyres, cause this little beauty turned out great after some simple cosmetic surgery that will keep her looking great for a long time to come. To make your cookie sheet magnetic message board you'll need the following supplies: An old cookie sheet (thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find these...

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Friday Free Printable: Personalizable Thanksgiving Place Cards

UPDATE: This Download is expired. Check out the web store for this and other great printables. Happy Friday Everyone!  Well I wish I could say that we are out of the Hospital with our sweet 1 year old, but the truth is we were transferred to ANOTHER hospital today to have her be evaluated by a pediatric Nephrologist to see why her kidneys aren't functioning like they should. Hopefully after another day of blood draws and testing we'll get to go home. With that being said, here is today's Friday Free Printable. Personalizable Place Cards, to compliment last week's Napkin rings, great for your Thanksgiving dinner. Unlike most of the other printables, this one is customizable! Because of that you'll need the font file to keep the same font...

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DIY Wednesday: Book ’em Dano (aka Fall Pumpkin from an old book)

I love Fall. It's about now that I'm missing my life in Maryland with the colors changing, the weather actually being pleasant and genuine pumpkin patches to visit. Oh well, a parking lot patch seems to be our fate this year (Thanks so much Florida!). So until we venture out in the heat to pick our pumpkin, I wanted to take a shot at making one from my hoard of random books I aquired (read hostile takeover) from my parent's library. I love this book in particular because of the patina that was already on the pages. I did hurt me to cut away the beautiful redish-orange edges of the book, but the pages are still nice and aged. As they should be, the book...

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Friday Free Printable: Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

UPDATE: This Download is expired. Check out the webstore for this and other great printables. Yes, it is Monday. We've been in the Hospital with our 12 month old since Friday so I didn't get around to posting these for you, but thanks to my awesome husband for giving me a few minutes to share with you the Free Printable that I missed. This weeks printable was inspired by an empty toilet paper roll. Toilet paper rolls make a perfect form for a DIY napkin ring. Tape or glue the solid strip to a 1½" section of  an empty toilet paper roll and use a 2" punch to cut out the complimentary give thanks tag and attach with glue or 3D foam dot which would make it pop...

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DIY Wednesday: I’d put my money on that

Has this ever happened to you? You have a frame that comes with a simple hold to hang onto the wall, like these that I had picked up from Michael's in their craft section. Each frame came with a predrilled hole that was supposed to be the recess that my picture hanging nail stuck into. My problem was that not all the holes were perfectly in the center and my frames were hanging a little crooked. I considered getting some of those 3M Command strips but did't want to head out to the store and spend a couple of dollars on something I'd only get 1 use out of. I did have a giant jar of change staring me down however. So, I started taping coins...

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Cardboard playhouse

 I started to realize that between all the things we end up purchasing around here, we've established quite a collection of cardboard boxes. Rather than having them just lay around in the garage, why not make something fun out of them? I can't recall the magazine I saw this in, but someone had done something similar for their dog, made a dog house out of a cardboard box complete with sky light, window and storage box on the side for storing Rover's food. Well, I didn't want to invest too much time and energy into something I knew wouldn't last with the way my 2 girls like to rough house, so I did not go to great lengths to make this. I took 1 large moving box...

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