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The Dangers of the Dollar Tree

Let me first explain why I phrase it as a Danger to visit the Dollar Tree, or any genuine Dollar store for that matter. I spend all my money there. You can pick up some amazing deals and inexpensive elements for all sorts of projects there at a fraction of the cost of other stores. Plus with Endorse, I know I'll get 10% cash back on my purchase there. (Can you tell I love saving money!?!) For instance just this afternoon, I set out with the intention of purchasing some tape, packing tape. My first instict is to go to Target since they're the major retailer just around the corner. Also attached to my Target is a small mall that houses a Dollar Tree (Aren't I...

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Friday Free Printable: Digital Scrapbook Paper

UPDATE: This Download is expired. Check out the webstore for this and other great printables. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to last weeks Free Printable, I'm posting another set of digital scrapbook paper available for download. This weeks series is called Cool Sunshine and I really love the color pallet. As always, these are intended for personal use only but feel free to share your creations with friends, family, the world. ...

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There’s Burlap in my lap!

So I took my munchkins and my coupons to JoAnn's yesterday and picked up a yard of burlap that was on sale $1.99/yd and an 18" metal wreath frame for $2.99 ($1.80 after my 40% off coupon) with the intention of recreating a rustic burlap wreath. In hindsight I should have grabbed a smaller wreath form but I managed to make that yard of burlap cover the entire 18" diameter frame and I'm pretty happy with the results. Here's what I did First, I gathered my supplies: 1 yard Burlap, any color you like Metal wreath form, I used an 18" one but I think a 12" one would look just as awesome and fuller A Ruler Basic Household Scissors, don't ruin your fabric scissors or anything on this project. Next I...

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DIY Wednesday: Candle Revival!

Candles. Love the smell. Love the look. Hate the cost. It's so frustrating when you fork out your precious Moolah on a candle and it burns unevenly leaving you with plenty of wax and no wick left. Throw it out? Nevah! This recently happened to us where one of our candles got all lopsided and the last of the wick got used up. At first I thought about trying to chisel the remaining wax out and use the glass jar for some other craft purpose and then I thought, "No! there's still plenty of good candle burning goodness in there, let's just fix it!" So I grabbed my candle and a spare wick from a cheapy votive floating around in my junk drawer and headed to the...

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Elmer’s Glue Cracks Me Up!

I had heard that a crackle finish could be achieved using "Elmer's glue" or school glue rather than the pricier crackle medium you can find at the craft store. Even if you're using your coupons at Michael's or JoAnn's it is still expensive and if you have a large project you might end up using the entire bottle. Thankfully with school having just started glue is cheap. You can always find it in 2 packs at the Dollar Tree if you know you'll be using a lot for crackling something or paper mache or even making your own Mod Podge (equal parts water and glue, fyi). So I set out to see just how easy or difficult this look would be. First, I gathered all my...

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Friday Free Printable: Digital Scrapbook Paper

UPDATE: This Download is expired. Check out the webstore for this and other great printables.I know there are a lot of you "Scrappers" out there, but there is a growing trend towards digital scrapbooking and just like any hobby, getting all the elements to create a unique work of art can get pricey. So to combat that, here are 12 12" x 12" Digital Scrapbook pages to get you started. These are intended for personal use only but feel free to share your creations with friends, family, the world. Download your Digital Scrapbook Pages and get creative! ...

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Left Over Paper….What to do, what to do?

After making more paper rosettes than I can count for Last week's DIY Wednesday, (actually I did count and I don't want you to call child services for neglect, because it took a while!) I had the remainder of all the book pages that I cut. I had seen some wonderful paper wreaths circulating on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go but with the little scraps I had left. Mind you I had used a small book already so my scraps were only 4" x 2¾", not very big at all. That worked out perfectly though. I remembered I had a small 9" wicker wreath form I picked up from the dollar store with little to no inspiration in mind and I knew I had...

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Blood Drive T-shirt UpCycle

Wanted to share another upcycle I made for my kids from 1 Large t-shirt. Mr. MillionAyres and I were already running late for Sunday School one weekend when we were stopped by a very nice gentleman just outside the door of the church who was there representing Florida Blood Services who was holding their blood drive in the parking lot of our church. Having missed the last bus that came around to his office, my husband qualified to donate, but being pregnant, I qualified to sit inside the air conditioned bus and play angry birds. After completing his donation, they offered us both a complimentary t-shirt for our "trouble". Looking at my 6 ½ month pregnant belly, they discretely handed me a large t-shirt that...

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DIY Wednesday: Paper Rosettes

Here's my take on the ever popular Paper Rosettes that are circulating out there. If you're familiar with "Quilling" it's the art of rolling strips of paper into decorative designs. There's even a special tool to help you with this project, but again there are always ways of getting around a project if you don't have all the proper tools. I myself, do not have a quilling tool. I do however have a VERY large box full of toothpicks. You can follow these step by step instructions to make your own paper rosettes. What you'll need to make your own, most of which you'll have on hand: Pages of a book you're okay with destroying. Yard sales and the Dollar Store is a great place to pick up less...

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If you like it then you should have put a pin on it.

Visiting the inspiring ladies over at Lemon Tree Creations I came across this image and just had to share. Maybe it's my daughters obsession with Beyonce's Single Ladies song or MY obsession with Pinterest, but this struck me as too funny not to share. It's a slow day for the million ayres in the blogosphere  but I didn't want to let another day sneak past me without sharing.  ...

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