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Better living through “technology”

Came across this video of a very inspirational and inventive man who is lighting the homes of his small community using what is essentially trash. Makes you reconsider throwing that bottle into the recycling bin. How could you reuse your soda or water bottle? The thought of lighting up your kids playhouse in the backyard seems all the more affordable now. So the real question comes, what are you going to do with this new bit of inspiration> ...

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What a nice day for grilled cheese

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and have intense and very random cravings for otherwise very normal foods, but today was all about grilled cheese for me. Yummy delicious melty american cheese on wheat with dill pickles. No this is not a pregnant haze concoction this is something I grew up eating, thanks mom! So with my trusty frying pan in hand and all my ingredients laid out, I made an awesome lunch for the Hubbs and myself, only to have my 2 little ones asking for some. Ugh, guilt. "No, honey. These will make you sick." My 2 girls have several food allergies which include all things dairy. Casein to be exact, and Soy doesn't sit well with them either. Thank you LORD for almond milk! So after...

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Avery’s Sweet Shoppe- Part 1

Well, I thought I'd start it all out by sharing what I'm doing for my sweet Avery's 1st birthday on a budget. Did I mention I'm on a budget. It's a state of perpetual being as a SAHM and one income family, a way of life if you will. So, first things first, I had to come up with a theme. From day one, the words, "She's just so sweet" have poured out of my mouth regarding my lovely second child. Why not have a candy/sweets themed party, not to mention my addition. I don't have a sweet tooth, I have sweet TEETH! Beware sugar jar. So it was settled then, I'd have a party based on the thing I consume on an almost daily basis...

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