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Our Magnetic Chalkboard Build

What do you do when you have a giant 10 foot empty wall? Fill it with a 4'x8' Magnetic chalkboard of course. We had talked about doing something big with the back wall of our dining room for a long time and until I can settle on a paint color to cover up the wine red (ick) we figured why not cover it up with a chalkboard that would make a huge statement in the room. Doing nothing the easy or expensive way we knew that we'd need to DIY it to make it affordable. So seated behind our Fancy X table we hung this awesome Magnetic chalkboard. Making the chalkboard magnetic was important to me because there are 1.2 BILLION pieces of paper that come...

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Not a Trick, Out of Treats

You might remember this sign from a few years back, well when I pulled it out of storage recently I could see that the years had not been kind to it and it was time for an upgrade. So, I sketched out a little concept on some paper and with the help of a little ink and watercolor, brought it to life. Now when all the goodies run out on Halloween night, I can just hang this cutie on the door and let the would-be trick or treaters know we’re all out of sweets. I thought you all might want in on it too. Click here to download your own free printable and hang it on your door this Halloween!...

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Scrap Wood Lemonade Stand

Our neighborhood was having a community garage sale and the kids had been asking to have sell lemonade for a while. We thought that would make a perfect weekend since our house isn't exactly on a main artery of our neighborhood. This way, they were more likely to gain exposure as mass amounts of people drove around looking for a bargain. Honestly, who can resist kid entrepreneurs, and sweets. Chris and I rummaged through our scrap wood in our garage and were able to come up with a simple frame for the stand. Using left over scrap plywood, we made a table top and added a big overhead sign for the kids to advertise their business. We used chalkboard paint that we already had left over from...

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An Ode to last years Angora Sweater

I see you hanging there in my closet with promises of warmth and luxury. You spout tales of fashion and coziness but you sir, are a liar. You lured me in with your rock bottom price. Who could pass up a legit Angora sweater in a perfect shade of plum for only $9.99? I know that I couldn't. Into my basket you went and I eagerly awaited the day when I could pull you up over my head and bask in the splendor of your woven goodness. Before long I remembered, wool it itchy. I can get over that. Many a strong woman has suffered blisters and itchiness in the name of looking fabulous.  But then the reality of what I had done hit me like...

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Oh How I Have Missed Thee

As you may notice I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from Blogging. Our family has grown again by 1 human baby and 1 fur baby. Well, the human baby is already 1½ and the puppy is 6 months old. We've also moved across the country as well and now that our feet are firmly planted in God's Country, the Great State of Texas, I feel its time to plunge back into the thing that I got so much joy from, making stuff and telling you guys all about it. My hands have not been idle during my timeout from blogland which means I have so much to share with you. I hope you'll be patient with me too while a MUCH NEEDED redesign for...

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Fancy X Table Reveal

As we packed up the moving van to move to Texas from Florida, we quickly realized that adding several kids and all the things that come with a larger family, we would not be able to bring it all with us. So we left behind our butcher block dining table for 6 and set out to build a table that would fit our family as well as guests who wanted to share a meal with us. Like so many before us, we used the Fancy X farmhouse table plans from Shanty2Chic. We needed to do it in a hurry since now being centrally located in the contiguous United States, we would be hosting family Christmas.  Stay tuned for a play by play on our build.  ...

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GF Pineapple Muffins

We struggle with foods a lot at home. With our oldest having so many allergies, I'm in the kitchen a lot more than I'd like to. I never was much of a cook or chef but now I have to be. One of our favorite recipes that we came across was from Allyson Kramer's Blog All her recipes are gluten free and vegan. Now, we're not vegan by any stretch and Lilly LOVES Bacon (can you blame her), but finding something that doesn't contain wheat or dairy or egg can be tricky. Added to that, it needs to taste good enough for a finicky pre-schooler to like it. So we adapted her Pineapple Walnut Muffins leaving out the nuts (another allergy) and pureeing the pineapple b/c Lilly...

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iDad Father’s Day Card

When a version of this came across my feed from I knew I had to recreate the idea for my own iPad/iPhone addicted loving Father. I used my handy dandy Silhouette machine to do all my dirty work and cut out all the icon flaps. Following their idea, I grabbed apple icons from the web and resized them to fit my design leaving the bottom flaps for our message to my Dad. It was fun looking back through some of our family pictures and finding ones that would be meaningful to my dad and spotlighted each of our 3 kids as well as Mr. Millionayres and myself.   I finished off the back of the card with the iDad words and a cut out of the apple logo. After...

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Got no love for cavities? Candy free Valentine’s Day Cards

Now while I joke that all my teeth are "Sweet" teeth, it seems to me like there's always some holiday on the horizon with the promise of sweets to eat. It's hard enough to say no to myself, but it seems like I'm constantly telling my kiddos "No" to some around every corner. So I wanted to share with you the Valentine's Day cards my little ones will be giving out this season. I decided to make 2 different ones though not for any reason other than the fact that I liked both of them. While you might think 1 was for boys and 1 for girls, that's not the case. My girls LOVE playing with cars and I know plenty of little guys who would...

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