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2013-01-03 11.57.00

Spool Table Reveal

We used the wax paper ink transfer method from Unexpected Elegance on a large scale to add text to the table top since we wanted it to look more like a vintage spool of thread than just an old cable spool. I searched through hundreds of images to find the right style and layout that would work with the table. we stained the wood in a simple vinegar /coffee/steel wool stain solution that we made to get that dark weathered look rather than the pale plywood look.   Sadly there wasn't much to be done about the bolts and they ended up rusting  a bit. I'm still brain storming on the best way to cover it up, but for now the entire thing was given a layer...

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Valentine’s accessories rolling out at Made by Millionayres Etsy & 20 % off coupon code!

Valentine's day is approaching and many mommies are starting to think about sweet treats and gifts to give to their little ones. I just love Valentine's Day and I try to make is as special for my kiddos as (I hope) my hubby makes it for me! Well now you can save 20% storewide at the Millionayres Etsy site including all the newly added Valentines bows, headbands and bow ties. Just use coupon code VALENTINE  at checkout. Have special requests or want different color combos, just message me. You can either visit the site by clicking here, or use the widget below...

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Busy Board for a Busy {birthday} Boy!

**UPDATE 7/21/15** Two and a half years later, this post has been pinned exactly 228,908 times! Thank you all for your interest and support. We have since added another busy baby (girl) to the mix and traveled to God's country, Texas, and the busy board is happy in its new home and still going strong with my own kids as well as their friends.** Today was our son Weston's first birthday. I could gush and tell you all the typical mom speak that seems to spill out of the mouth of a proud mama but this post would be entirely too long and there are enough pictures I wanted to show you so I'll spare you. Just know I love my son's guts and I am...

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14 Valentine’s Day Garland ideas!

Well if you're much like me, you only just got the rest of the Christmas decorations put away and you're already geared up for the next holiday. We have 3 birthdays between now and the day we honor love in this house, so it can get a little tricky having seasonal decorations up in addition to party themed decorations. I guess everyone's birthday will just be full of a little extra love this year. To get you started I searched the inter-webs and rounded up 14 Valentines garland ideas to get your ideas going and bring a little extra love into your home. Stacie over at Stars for Streetlights offers up her sewn paper heart garland with a slight stitch and color twist after being inspired by an...

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I first saw a version of what is now our "kids only" Christmas tree on pinterest. It was coming from Etsy for something in the ball park of $35. Whauuuhht? Upstairs I ran and gathered some stuff. I had bought the green felt at Walmart while I was there for my (necessary evil) Walmart run for this purpose but I had red felt at home and I wanted the kids "ornaments" to kinda match the color scheme we had going for the rest of the decorations. If you're thinking you've seen this green felt before, you're right! I used what was left from the 3/4 yd. I bought for this tree to create Day 6's Mistletoe Kissing Ball in this years 12 Days of DIY Giveaway. It was hard...

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Advent Calendar Millionayres style

Okay, well I can't take TOTAL credit for this idea. I was inspired by idea from the good people at Silhouette. You can check out the original here. I admit, it's still hard to admit that something wasn't my original idea, I guess it's true "There's nothing new under the sun." (Lamentations 1:9). But it's espeically hard to swallow when I genuinely believe I've come up with a completely unique idea only to later see it on another blog or hear someone say, "Oh yeah, I saw that on Pinterest." ugh. Oh well. So no, this wasn't my idea, but I think even without the frame, mine came out really cute and my kids and the Hubbs and I have been having a great time...

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12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 12: Jingle Bell Lights!

  ***UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Misty! Thanks for entering everyone. Be sure you enter all the other giveaways that are live while you still can!*** Whew! We made it! Did you break out in a sweat from all of this DIY-a-palooza? I saw something cute the other day that said "I'm so crafty I sweat glitter" to funny but way too messy! Thank goodness it's not true. It's been a fun 12 days and I'm just super glad that I had all of you to share it with. I haven't even had time to share all the other stuff I've been up to, like out advent calendar, the kids' felt tree, all the other kid crafts (shocking I know, I crafted with my...

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12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 11: Upcycled Sweater Christmas Card Holder!

  ***UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Heidi! Thanks for entering everyone. Be sure you enter all the other giveaways that are live while you still can!*** Okay, so in hindsight maybe this type of craft is quickly becoming irrelevant. I realized this as I searched and searched to find a physical Christmas card. Like the kind that come to your house in an envelope with a stamp and everything. Turns out most of our friends and family are like us and send out electronic Christmas cards. But it's still early and I'm holding out hope that some people will stick with tradition and our Christmas card holder will fill up with cards and photos of the people we care about most in this world. So if you...

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12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 10: Christmas Tree String Art!

  ***UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Falon! Thanks for entering everyone. Be sure you enter all the other giveaways that are live while you still can!*** You getting tired of this yet? Me neither! A time of the year that I get to say, "Sorry honey, I have to finish this. Thanks for watching the kids!" Well let me introduce you to a new little friend of mine, it's today's 12 Days of DIY Giveaway Christmas Tree String Art!  This is a super easy, craft good to do with some older kids even, and there's no wrong way to do it, well sort of. You'll see what I mean. Step 1: Get your supplies for the project. Step 2: Since the canvas I had was not a gallery wrapped type, you...

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