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She’s a Sassy little thing…

So a while back a good friend of mine gave me a box full of old clothes knowing I like to repurpose old stuff and make "new stuff". She told me, "I figured you could use this. I mean you make bracelets our of sweaters." Of course she's referring to the knit bangle I did on a DIY Wednesday (tsk tsk I haven't been posting those in a LONG time). So amongst the sweaters and blouses from her professional life in NYC were many, I"m talking TONS, of tights, leggins and stocking enough for a lifetime. My favorite surprise discovery, however was a pair of fishnet stockings! I immediately thought of Halloween (really what other time would I even think to use or possible wear fish...

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Halloween Pun’kins

Okay so I just love love love our little new additions. No I didn't have another baby and not tell you all. I got crafty and made these sweet little creatures! I stumbled upon some sweet vintage Cat Eyes at my local Goodwill. I don't know exactly how old these puppies (or should I say kitties) are because they were still in their original packaging and it was from a pre-bar code scan era. As a lover of vintage things, there was definitely a pull between honoring the awesomeness of a cool old find and using it for it's original purpose. I think I did them justice however. It was stupid easy to pull these Pun'kins together and I ended up giving them "feet" that I hadn't...

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ZAYCON Chicken Event: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69/lb!

So it comes to me as a total shock that I have never blogged about Zaycon Food. I've shared it with all my friends and totally pimped out my facebook page singing it's praises but the MillionAyres Blog has failed to shout the awesomeness of this company from the Blog-o-sphere Mountain Tops! My Bad Zaycon Foods. I hope we can still be friends. Anywho...

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Rainy Day Play

With Hurricane Isaac plaguing our outside play time here in Central Florida what's a mom of very antsy kids to do. There are tons of super mom bloggers out there who come up with some totally unique craft/activity for their toddler to do daily. I'm not that well rested resourceful to do that with my 3 kids. So with the baby happily playing on the floor gumming a pair of match box cars I ran upstairs to print off a 'START' and 'FINISH' sign and grab some pom poms that were left over after making antennae headbands for my 3 year old's Bee birthday party last April. I sent my 3 year old off to pick out 2 straws while I taped the signs to...

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Remember Me?

Wow, I've been a bit busy. Between the birth of our 3rd child, our other two toddlers, my little sister getting married and me making many of the decorations, we've decided to throw in a move to a new house into the mix (you know, just for fun). Please bear with me and my absenteeism while I try to get the house (and my brain) back under control. Oh, did I mention we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary 4 days ago, our oldest daughter is going to turn 3 in 8 days (Bee themed party! Look for that post coming soon. I'm sure it'll include links to free downloads) and now my good friend Holly's baby shower has been placed on the docket of...

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It’s a Blog Hop!

Okay, so though I'm still pretty green in the whole world of blogging, I do know that linking to other blogs and following them really helps boost your readership. Not to be left in the dust, I'm hopping on the blog sharing bandwagon and am totally inspired by the creativity you can stumble across when you start to look at these other bloggers posts. Have a blog? Participating in a blog hop will bring more people to your site, because your link will appear on everyone’s blog who is participating in the party. Here’s how to play: 1.  Add the Linky Followers tool to your site. 2.  Follow the blog who shared the party with you 3. Add your site to the LINKY PARTY below. 4.Then grab the BLOG HOP code...

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Sneak Peek of what I’ve been up to…

I'm in the thick of it now with projects pulling me in a number of different directions but I wanted to share a sneak peek of one that I'm fully immersed in currently and hope to have wrapped up by the end of tonight. Tomorrow I'll post the project I finidhed up last night. It's super cute and I'm super excited about it. You don't want to miss out on it so if you're not already subscribing to my feed, getting emailed updates or you're not a fan on facebook, make it happen! if you really want a hint, note the tags at the top of the post for you're clue...

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Love is in the air–and on my wreath!

Valentine's day. To some a holiday created by greeting card companies, to other's a remembrance of the martyr Saint Valentine's, but for most of us it's a time to remember to show and share how much we care about the loved ones around us. Whatever your stance on this occasion, there is an undeniable attraction to cupid and the pink red and white color pallet he brings to our hearts and homes. I chose to celebrate this with a seasonal facelift to my burlap wreath by simply adding some burlap rosettes and heart XOXO bunting.    What do you think? ...

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Overwhelmed with the task at hand

As I sit here breastfeeding the newest little addition to the family, trying to type this post with one hand (not a speedy task) the thought of "How on earth can I really juggle it all?!"  creeps in. Between the home web-design business, which I have taken VERY little part in lately, the blog, the new baby, breastfeeding, my 2 other children who are still a very needy 1 and 2 year old, battling colds, potty training, dinners, doctor's appointments, budgeting, trying to make time to spend with my husband, helping my sister plan her whirlwind wedding, planning and throwing a bridal shower, being a diligent child of God and setting aside time to spend with my Savior, I find myself run ragged and worn down. My...

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