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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 Rustic Wrapped Ornaments & Giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed Congrats to Adora Wilkins who was randomly selected to receive these rustic ornamets.

Merry Christmas and welcome to the MillionAyres 12 days of Christmas. Today is day 1 and we’re featuring a rustic wrapped ornament. If you’re tired of what you’re limited to at the multitude of stores selling painfully similar ornaments this year and you want something a little more unique, a little more hand made then look no further. These ornaments give you the hand crafted look without the handmade look. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ornaments decorating the tree that were lovingly made by my children, but something a little more chic makes this Christmas love smile. I always said I’d have 2 trees when I grew up and had kids; One for the random and handmade ornaments collected over the years, and then a pretty tree. I love to change things up now and again but who wants to spend the money on a whole new look year after year, especially when you’re only going to enjoy them for 1 month out of the year.
Well I have a cheap or even free alternative that’ll give your tree a new look this year without denting your wallet of your Christmas fund. These rustic chic ornaments were born from a desire to give purpose to some old ornaments that were occupying our attic that were in a color scheme that I have since moved on from. I have all sorts of colors imaginable. I like variety, but this year gold was out and giving these ornaments new life was in.  I have seen some similar crafts done with Styrofoam balls but those can get costly and around this time of year, if you don’t have spare ornaments to embellish, they are in season and super cheap. Much less expensive than Styrofoam balls.

I grabbed some shatterproof ornaments, emphasis on them being shatterproof. Trust me there is nothing more frustrating or scary than crushing an ornament in your hand while you’re trying to embellish it.  Also we made the switch to all shatterproof ornaments when our first child was born. Too many dangers and stories of kids cutting themselves on the traditional variety of ornaments.

I wanted to use natural materials to wrap my ornament form in so I turned to my trusting roll of cotton twine from the Dollar Store and my left over bits of burlap from the burlap wreath. You could also use yarn, jute, twine, anything really. Whatever material you choose will affect your method of gluing it to your ornament. I found that  using the super thin material like the thread of burlap would require mod podge while I could get away with using hot glue and my glue gun with  thicker materials like my dollar store cotton twine.


I started slowly, putting enough glue down around the base of the ornament hanger and letting it dry and secure to the ornament ball before proceeding.

When I made the ornament using the cotton twine, I used hot glue for a faster finish and quicker drying time. This also meant that there were a fair share of bumps from excess glue. Fortunately this excess glue can easily be scratched off of the ornaments so you can maintain a smooth surface to lay your material onto.

Continue gluing and wrapping your material around your ornament. Be warned, if you use burlap thread this will take up time, but the pay off is pretty great!

As you get up and over the hump of your ornament ball, it’s best to flip the ornament over and let gravity help you to lay your string flat and against the edge of your proceeding string. As you near the end of your ornament, you’ll need to decide how you want to end it. I chose to simply wrap the ornament until I ran out of space completely, but you can always add a little embellishment to the bottom to cover up the ending.

Once your ornament is completely wrapped in your material of choice and the glue is dried, you are done and ready to adorn your Christmas tree for the season.
I really love the way these turned out and I think it’ll really complement the look I’m considering for this year.

Now comes the really fun part.

If you liked this ornament and his little friend We’re giving you a chance to win it! Every day during the 12 days of Chrismas, we’ll be giving away the item or items mentioned in that post. So today when you enter to win, if selected, we’ll send these out to you!

There are 3 ways you can enter, like us on Facebook, Tweet about today’s giveaway or post a comment on the blog post below. The winner will be selected at random and announced the next day.

Stay tuned, there are 11 more days of awesome Christmas crafts and ideas (and giveaways) coming your way!


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