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Craftiness is in the eye of the beholder…

So you show someone some intricate hand crafted masterpiece from Anthropologie or Pottery Barn and most people will think that it’s amazing or impressive, but what about a wadded up piece of paper sitting on the floor? Well apparently I’ve been twisting and gluing random pieces of paper or fabric enough lately that my 2 year old daughter has taken notice. The only thing is that she can’t seem to distinguish a purposefully wrinkled or rolled piece of tissue paper for a  craft project with a crumpled up scrap of printer paper lying on the floor. My sweet Lilly recently found said trash in a wad and brought it to me. With the sweetest most endearing and amazed tone she held it up and said, “You MADE this? It’s so pretty mommy!”

She may not be able to differentiate between my hand crafted good and trash, but in her eyes, everything I make is beautiful and apparently even she can find the beauty in a piece of trash. Maybe I have a future salvage/upcycle genius in the making.

So today I am thankful for her and that even my small children support my craft habit!


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