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DIY Wednesday: Wreath Storage

Okay, it’s no new thing, my love and all out obsession with wreaths. I love to make them, I love to look at them and I love to hang them in random places in my house. BUT what do you do with all those seasonal wreaths when it’s time to take them down? Sure you could stock up on those plastic wreath storage boxes around the holidays, but if you love wreaths as much as I do, that can get expensive to buy enough for all your circular little lovelies. The bigger the wreath the more expensive those plastic tubs become Plus then you have a huge number of bulky plastic bins that need a home.

Well, I have a solution for you that won’t take up any green and should help you take up less space than you think.

First gather your supplies:

  • a hanger, heavier wreaths may require something a little stronger than your plastic 10 for $1 variety
  • A trash bag larger enough to fit your wreath into. I’m using a tall 13 gal trash bag
  • Your wreath

Step 1: Grab your trash bag and open it up so that it’s completely unfolded. Cut a small slit in the very bottom center of the plastic. You can even use the hook end of your hanger to pierce the bag, this way less air/moisture/bugs can get it.

Step 2: Hang your wreath over the neck of your hanger by the ribbon you use to hang your wreath from. If you’ve only been using a door wreath hanger, simply tie a scrap piece of ribbon/yarn/string/twine (basically whatever you have) to the back of your wreath and hang it on the hanger with that.Step 3: Thread your hanger through the hole you created so that the hanger is inside the bag (a la a dry cleaned garment) so that your hanger and wreath are enclosed within the bag. If your wreath had been hanging from a particularly long section of ribbon like mine was, you can just thread the ribbon through the slit you created first so that only your wreath is in the bag and the hanger is outside the bag.Step 4: Cinch the bag shut with the drawstring or simply tie the bag to itself so that your wreath is enclosed. This will limit any outside elements creeping into the bag.

Step 5: Hang your wreath in a closet somewhere. If you’re closet space is limited, consider rigging up some sort of dowel out in the garage or even the attic to hang your wreath collection.

Step 6: Unless your bag is clear and you can tell which wreath is which, I suggest labeling each wreath. This can range from simply writing on the plastic bag to something cute and creative hung around the neck of the Hanger.

Hope that helps solve your wreath storage issue or if anything I just gave you the excuse to make some more over this holiday season knowing you now have a solution to store them all!


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