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FALLing in love with my wreath all over again!

If you remember my post on my $3.90 Burlap Wreath then I’m excited to share the seasonal facelift if received this past weekend. I had already gave it some personality for Halloween, see below, but over the weekend I had another HOT date with my glue gun and I think you’ll like what I came up with.

I grabbed some fall leaves (not the real variety since I live in the 2 season state of Florida) that I had purchased a few years prior at Michael’s on sale. I have used these as table decorations in years past, but I thought it was time to give these puppies a definitive calling in life.

I began playing around with the layout of the leaves until I found something that I could get on board with.


I then began gluing the leaves to each other in a slightly arched manner so that it would follow the curve of my wreath. Then using some craft wire (you could use some wire christmas ornament hangers) I glued about three (3) 4″ sections of wire to the back of my wreath so that it looked something like this…

I made another section of leaves arching the opposite direction and attached them to the  wreath by threading the wire through the holes in the weave of the burlap and bending back the wire to secure the leaves in place.

A little extra embellishment and my wreath was done. Like I said, I’m really happy with how it turned out and I love the idea of limiting my wreath obsession by simply swapping out the decorations on a single wreath to fit the holiday or season.

I also added a little somethin’ somethin’ to a scrap of muslin to hang my wreath from and to disguise the hanger a little bit. The wreath I had hanging from this place before was VERY heavy and required some heavy duty bracing on the wall, but my lovely burlap wreath is so light, a simple finishing nail in the wall would have sufficed. I wanted to use this place in the house to boast about my fall wreath for now, so taking down the heavy duty hanger would have been unnecessary and left me with a few holes to patch. Nah, I’ll just leave it as is.

I also got totally sucked into Etsy this weekend and was inspired to make some fancy-shmancy hair clips/broaches that I’ll share a little later in the week.







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