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Keeping Crafty

I realized that as the holidays approach, I’m finding myself getting busier and busier. Most of my busy-ness involves making stuff, but I’ve been neglecting sharing it with you all. I promise to start posting all the little things that have kept me busy for the past 2 weeks. But for now I’ll just share some of the stuff I’ve made in between all the “have-to” projects on my plate.

Like so many mammas of little princesses, I make hair bows. Granted I make bows that they never wear or wear for 5 seconds and lose somewhere while we’re running errands and i don’t notice. But I find myself making more of them when I feel little or no inspiration to make anything else.

still waiting to find the perfect embellishment for the center of this flower.

used left over fabric from the “curtains” I used to make the kids cardboard playhouse

used ribbon from Avery’s birthday party banner

What do you make while you’re waiting for inspiration and lighting to strike?


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