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DIY Wednesday: Eyeshadow Repair

Has this ever happened to you? You open up your make up bag to find the eye shadow you were searching for has crumbled  (I like to blame curious toddlers, once in particular). Well never fear, all is not lost. I learned this trick back in my Mary Kay days and thought I’d share it with you since it was something I had to exercise just this morning.

Grab that busted eyeshadow and some mineral oil, baby oil, whatever you might have around. Since I’m super pregnant, I have a bottle of Palmer’s skin therapy oil just right there in the bathroom, and so it got called into action for the second time today.

Doing your best not to lose too much, dump the smaller pieces of eyeshadow either into the back of your compact, a piece of paper, whatever you have around. this will let you place a drop or two of oil into the empty space which acts as a bonding agent, keeping your larger chunks from sliding around.

gather the remaining clumps of eyeshadow back into your container and place a few drops of oil on top and begin pressing them down with your finger. Continue this process until all remaining clumps are “glued” back down into place.

What you’ll end up with is something that looks like this:

when the oil dries, you’re eyeshadow is as good as new and ready to be used and enjoyed, maybe just keep it out of the reach of any wandering hands!


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