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DIY Wednesday: I’d put my money on that

Has this ever happened to you? You have a frame that comes with a simple hold to hang onto the wall, like these that I had picked up from Michael’s in their craft section. Each frame came with a predrilled hole that was supposed to be the recess that my picture hanging nail stuck into. My problem was that not all the holes were perfectly in the center and my frames were hanging a little crooked.

I considered getting some of those 3M Command strips but did’t want to head out to the store and spend a couple of dollars on something I’d only get 1 use out of. I did have a giant jar of change staring me down however. So, I started taping coins to the back side of the frame until it hung straight. By taping it, I can take that change off if ever I need it. Now you could embellish the front edges of your frame with a ┬ánumber of things to balance the weight, but I wanted something more neat for this “gallery” so as not to distract from the adorable subject.

So here are my nicely leveled picture frames showcasing my sweet Lilly and now I won’t cringe when I walk past and all the pictures are just slightly askew.

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