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The Dangers of the Dollar Tree

Let me first explain why I phrase it as a Danger to visit the Dollar Tree, or any genuine Dollar store for that matter. I spend all my money there. You can pick up some amazing deals and inexpensive elements for all sorts of projects there at a fraction of the cost of other stores. Plus with Endorse, I know I’ll get 10% cash back on my purchase there. (Can you tell I love saving money!?!)

For instance just this afternoon, I set out with the intention of purchasing some tape, packing tape. My first instict is to go to Target since they’re the major retailer just around the corner. Also attached to my Target is a small mall that houses a Dollar Tree (Aren’t I lucky?) So the thought, “Duh, I could get it cheaper at the dollar tree” rang through my head. I should have just gone to Target. I might have spent more on the tape, but I would have spent less overall.

I just get so distracted by all the cute and cheap stuff at the Dollar Tree, that my outing for tape cost me $13.91 with tax. Don’t get me wrong, I picked up tons of great stuff. 13 great things for that matter. I have plenty of glue sticks for my dwindling supply. I picked up a couple of thing to make for Christmas gifts. I picked up sand paper and protective glasses for an upcoming furniture refinishing project that I’m super excited to share with you guys. Goo Gone. That alone is a SCREAMIN’ deal. It’s $3-5 everywhere else and this stuff is just so good at getting off that pesky sticky residue left behind after my kids sneak stickers onto the furniture.

I bought a few more things and all in all it was a very fruitful, albeit pricier outing than I had intended.

So what discount store is your weakness?

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