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Left Over Paper….What to do, what to do?

After making more paper rosettes than I can count for Last week’s DIY Wednesday, (actually I did count and I don’t want you to call child services for neglect, because it took a while!) I had the remainder of all the book pages that I cut.

I had seen some wonderful paper wreaths circulating on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go but with the little scraps I had left. Mind you I had used a small book already so my scraps were only 4″ x 2¾”, not very big at all. That worked out perfectly though. I remembered I had a small 9″ wicker wreath form I picked up from the dollar store with little to no inspiration in mind and I knew I had something going. Again, this was a wicker wreath form, not a nice even foam wreath, but after I got to thinking about it, I probably would have done the same technique either way. So here’s what I did:

First I assembled all my supplies:

Paper Wreath Supplies

  • I had an old book
  • A Paper Cutter
  • A Ruler
  • Hot Glue Gun and plenty of Glue Sticks  (I’ve mentioned before, the Dollar Store is a great place to pick some up for cheap)
  • And my $1 wicker wreath form
I started by tearing full pages out of my book  (I used about 17 to 18 pages) and folding them in half. Gluing 1 of the long ends to the wreath, I wrapped the page around and around and securing it to itself leaving me with something like this.
I continued doing so until the whole wreath form was covered and I had a nice “even” surface to adhere my pages to.
Next I needed to start preparing my pages. Taking on average 2 pieces of paper at a time, I bent them  into various “s” shapes.
While still pinching them into their loose waves, I bent them all in half and then gave it a little bit of a tail. This tail is what lets it all hold to the wreath form so nicely.
Now as you start gluing these to the back of the wreath first, you don’t need the pages to have a tail. This just comes in handy as you’re getting closer to the outer edges and in the middle.  As you can image you just start gluing these little beauties working your way from back to front, outside to inside.
When you’re done, you may have a few bare spots where there were too many similarly folded pages too close together giving the illusion of some gaps. Simply take another piece of paper and slap some hot glue on there and shove it down inside that gap. This is another reason that I’m glad I wrapped my wreath in paper first. Even if there was a slight gap, if you saw down to the wreath form, you’d just see more paper and not white Styrofoam or in my case wicker. Voila!  She’s full, She’s fabulous and I love her!
Paper Wreath
Again, because my wreath form was so small, only 9″ it was important for me to bend my 4″ pieces of paper in half so that there would still be a clear and defined center. My total wreath is no much bigger than 12 ½” in diameter. See?
What do you think?


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