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Blood Drive T-shirt UpCycle

Wanted to share another upcycle I made for my kids from 1 Large t-shirt. Mr. MillionAyres and I were already running late for Sunday School one weekend when we were stopped by a very nice gentleman just outside the door of the church who was there representing Florida Blood Services who was holding their blood drive in the parking lot of our church. Having missed the last bus that came around to his office, my husband qualified to donate, but being pregnant, I qualified to sit inside the air conditioned bus and play angry birds. After completing his donation, they offered us both a complimentary t-shirt for our “trouble”. Looking at my 6 ½ month pregnant belly, they discretely handed me a large t-shirt that I had no plans on wearing. It wasn’t until we got home that I noticed, most of this shirt was blank except for the text running across the chest in the front of this shirt. It was a heavy weight, bright red, 100% cotton shirt, so I thought I’d take a pair of scissors to it and try to make a couple of things for my 2 girls. I even made my own bias tape from the shirt and the rolled fabric flowers you see on their bows. I didn’t take pictures along the way, because I was in the zone! I got these puppies done in 1 night, granted the next day I had to make some minor alterations to make a better fit, but I’m happy with how they turned out. Happy enough in fact that Avery, our 1 year old wore it for some pictures we had taken of her.

Lilly’s model pucker


Photo Credit: Ashley Gussler


(Aren’t my kids just so dang cute?)



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