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Avery Turned 1 Today!

Sorry, but today was not about me or anything else awesome in the world. Today was about my sweet baby girl Avery. She’s our second child and just a blessing to us in ways that I never knew possible. So, dedicating a day to her meant Mommy wasn’t glued to her laptop of hiding out in the office trying to post just one more thing. Today was about my munchkin!

So, while Lilly our first awesome daughter was at church in their Awana’s program (She is PROUD to be a Puggle) we took our baby girl out for a “sweet” date, just the 3 of us. Just across the street from church is a Publix grocery store; we picked up a single slice of cake. Since I didn’t feel like playing Lion Tamer in the kitchen to keep the little hand that just “want to help” at bay…no homemade cake today. Her birthday party is coming up very soon and should feature a whole host of culinary delights made with love by yours truly, but that was NOT today!

Avery's Birthday Cake

Avery eating “birthday” cake in the back of the car.

Avery enjoyed half of this very sizable piece of marble cake, sans-frosting. This was after eating all of her little cheese-less English muffin pizza, the rest of the cheese-less pizza her sister didn’t finish and a good amount of Mommy’s crust from her VERY cheesy pizza. Ugh, why can’t my kids be allergic to something gross like Lima beans and Brussle Sprouts and not delicious Dairy?!? If there’s anything you need to know about my girl is that she’s an eater. No matter what you put in front of her, she’ll eat it, so watch out. Chopped veggies, done. Diced fruit, done. Chicken, done. Bread, done and done. She’s not picky which is amazing. Her sister is little miss priss when it comes to food and we have to coax her and remind her that she does actually like the things we’re putting on her plate. She’s always skeptical that we’re trying to trick her with something gross. It amazes me, kids eat boogers and bugs and then snub the food on their plate. I don’t get it.

Well thanks for your patience and respecting me for taking the time to be with my girl today. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow. You’re DIY Wednesday will be up for you then (yes I know it’s a thursday, but hey…) as will a whole slew of things you might have missed today.


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