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DIY Chip Clips

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is not some rush of inspiration all my own but simply my attempt at a good idea spotted elsewhere. Ever wonder what to do with all those plastic store hangers you get with your kids clothes? Don’t despair, there is always something you can do with everything!

We don’t often induldge in potato chips but when a great sale hits and a $4 bag of kettle brand chips only cost me $0.84, I snagged a few, or 6. So now that there are all these wonderful new chip flavors to try we ran into a problem. We don’t really have any chip clips. Alligator clips, rubber bands and the old fold the bag into itself trick are all perfectly good options but I remembered something I saw a while ago and decided to give it a try. I took one (of many) pants hangers that were unused and cluttering up my youngest’s closet and with a PVC pipe hand saw from the Hubb’s tool box, cut off the clips as close to the clip itself as possible. I trimmed off all the excess and gave it a quick sanding on the raw edge to smooth out those little plastic bumps. I did wash it with soap since the saw was a tad on the rusty side, but voila, I was done. Lather, Rinse, Repeat and you have 2 DIY chip clips that didn’t cost you a penny! There are plenty more uses for these handy little clips too, so don’t limit yourself or sentence them to a life in your pantry.


I have yet to figure out what to do with the rest of the hangers hiding out in the closet, but I know inspiration will hit, typically around 10:30 when I want to go to bed.


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