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Say No to Yellow

While battling uphill the colossal pile of laundry that has taken over  my house I was reminded of a time, much like now, when we were preparing for the arrival of a new baby. We had pulled out all the stored clothing to determine what would go a 2nd round of use on our coming munchkin. I was shocked and disgusted to find giant yellow “stains” on nearly every Onesie and many of the precious outfits that were rarely worn. Again my best buddy Google was there for me as I discovered that the so called “stains” were the yellowing of microscopic traces of organic matter that were left on the clothing despite being washed before being stored. It was recommended that I use a laundry additive that used enzymes to break up these organic stains. So after being stored for over a year and the initial shock and depressing thought of having to replace all of those outfits, I headed to the store to buy some BIZ and let me tell you, it made a world of difference. Now I add it to nearly every load just to keep those little yellow stains at bay and especially before I box up any clothes to store for the next little one.
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Biz Stain Fighters

Biz is available in 3 formats

Note: I am not a spokesperson for Biz and have not been compensated by Biz for writing this blog. I just believe their product does what it claims and I use it personally in my home.


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