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Avery’s Sweet Shoppe- Part 1

Well, I thought I’d start it all out by sharing what I’m doing for my sweet Avery’s 1st birthday on a budget. Did I mention I’m on a budget. It’s a state of perpetual being as a SAHM and one income family, a way of life if you will.

So, first things first, I had to come up with a theme. From day one, the words, “She’s just so sweet” have poured out of my mouth regarding my lovely second child. Why not have a candy/sweets themed party, not to mention my addition. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have sweet TEETH! Beware sugar jar. So it was settled then, I’d have a party based on the thing I consume on an almost daily basis and the thing I wouldn’t dare give a baby. Brilliant!

Who are we kidding kid’s first birthdays are for the grown ups anyway.

Now I know that there are a whole host of blogs and etsy shops that you can buy your decor from, but remember that budget thing I mentioned, yeah, yours truly would be doing it all. Good thing I have a background in Graphic design and the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite to do it all it (Thanks Hubbs, that was a great purchase). So off to draw pretty pictures I went. Here are just some of the ideas I came up with before landing on one. Please don’t read too close into some of these designs. Similarity to others out there is completely unintended, also since I designed these on my own and for my own personal use, who cares.

Trust me there were a whole slew of others that didn’t even get that far. After I started fresh with the second Idea above, I completely abandoned the first and kept going….

Well, that’s just the invites not all the other details that accompany a party, labels, banners, water bottle labels, etc. I’ll be sure to post pictures of everything when it “turns out” after the big day in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for part 2- Decorations: Cheap Free and DIY.


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