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Christmas Wreath Makeover

I wanted to include Jute Webbing in our Christmas decorations this year so I picked some up from JoAnn Fabrics, being sure to use my coupon of course. I wasn’t exactly sure how much I’d need, because I also wanted to use some on the mantle above the fireplace. I guessed about 8 yards and that was pretty spot on once all was said and done. Since I know that I’m never exactly married to one design choice I wanted to make sure any changes to the wreath wasn’t permanent, so that’s where lovely leftover pipe cleaners come into play. Since the branches of the wreath are adjustable, I knew I could hide all my connection points so the color of the pipe cleaners didn’t really matter.

Brown is what I had, so brown is what I used. You feel me?

Without getting too technical, I just wrapped the pipe cleaner around a pinched section of the jute webbing and attached it to the wreath, beginning and ending behind a centered bow, that way, it would hide my ends.




Without being too precise, I eyeballed a section of webbing, probably about 8-10 inches and created waves along the top all the way around the wreath, using the flexible branches to hide my connection points.


20151202_142033 20151202_142945


This was a simple and super inexpensive update to an old a well loved exterior Christmas wreath.

One friend who knows us well and shares our love for all things bacon commented that it looked like we wrapped a wreath in bacon. Hmm, maybe that’s something to whip up in the kitchen for next Christmas…Bacon Wreaths!



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