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I don’t necessarily┬áchange up our Christmas decor from year to year, at least not on a drastic level (read: ’cause we’re on a perpetually small budget) but I do like to add a few elements here or there when I can. So this year we created a few wooden mantle signs out of spare wood and spare vinyl. I dusted off my neglected Silhouette machine and created the templates for the signs you see above.

avery painting

I enlisted the help of our 5 year old to give the wood a good white base and after they dried, I simply applied the vinyl down (with the letters removed) as centered as I could and gave them a light coat of craft paint. The brown paint I had was SUPER thin and I had to go over it a few times to get the opaqueness I was looking for. And of course, I’m not professional so there were a couple bleed outs here and there, but nothing a little shabby chic distressing couldn’t fix. Help me sandpaper, you’re my only hope. I roughed up my pretty paint job, going with the grain and all along the edges to give it that warn look and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Who knows, maybe I should get into this whole sign making thing after all…or maybe not.

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