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Trick or Treat Yo’Self

So remember the kid’s lemonade stand? Well, it was given new purpose in the form of a candy stand for Halloween. Like many parents of young children, you head our early while there is still light out and shuffle your kids around from different events of door to door in your neighborhood, but I always felt bad not leaving anything to hand out to the children who stopped by while we were out. So we set up the stand and left a message for kids to “Trick or Treat Yo’Self” (shout out to all my Parks and Rec fans!). It also served as a great ledge for our freshly carved pumpkins!




By the time we got home there were only a few pieces left and it went off without a hitch. We later resupplied the stache after sorting through the kids haul and limiting the number of pieces they could keep. That candy was gone within minutes, sadly because someone took the entire thing, candy cauldron and all. Oh well. The candy being snatched didn’t bother me, it was that they took our bowl. So if you are the one who took our 6 year old plastic cauldron from Walmart…may the pain of a thousand cavities haunt you for your selfishness, or something like that.


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