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Scrap Wood Lemonade Stand

Our neighborhood was having a community garage sale and the kids had been asking to have sell lemonade for a while. We thought that would make a perfect weekend since our house isn’t exactly on a main artery of our neighborhood. This way, they were more likely to gain exposure as mass amounts of people droveĀ around looking for a bargain. Honestly, who can resist kid entrepreneurs, and sweets.

Chris and I rummaged through our scrap wood in our garage and were able to come up with a simple frame for the stand. Using left over scrap plywood, we made a table top and added a big overhead sign for the kids to advertise their business. We used chalkboard paint that we already had left over from another project to make the lemonade stand multi-functional should they want to switch it up and sell hot cocoa during the “winter” months here in Texas. We decided to add siding to the bottom to keep the kids from getting chilly in the breeze and also it created a great hidden storage area for the ice chest, extra cups and napkins.

Lilly was hands on for the painting process. It gives the whole thing an authentic look and she had a greater sense of ownership knowing she put the effort into this stand, not just the lemonade.



I added a little of my hand lettering to the sign. It may have been crooked but I think it worked, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. We were missing a couple of kiddos due to a sleep over and the youngest sleeping in, but seriously, who can resist those cute faces!?!




Those bow tie cardigan onesies? Yeah I was trying to sell off the last of my inventory from my Etsy store since I was transitioning away from hand sewn items to Hand lettered items. Paper stores a lot more compactly than onesies šŸ™‚

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