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Got no love for cavities? Candy free Valentine’s Day Cards

Now while I joke that all my teeth are “Sweet” teeth, it seems to me like there’s always some holiday on the horizon with the promise of sweets to eat. It’s hard enough to say no to myself, but it seems like I’m constantly telling my kiddos “No” to some around every corner.

So I wanted to share with you the Valentine’s Day cards my little ones will be giving out this season. I decided to make 2 different ones though not for any reason other than the fact that I liked both of them. While you might think 1 was for boys and 1 for girls, that’s not the case. My girls LOVE playing with cars and I know plenty of little guys who would dominate this puzzle with their (very) admirable hand eye coordination.


amaze me

So, where did I find all this cute stuff? The Dollar store of course! The little cars were in the toy section and came in a package of 8 and the Heart shaped mazes were in the seasonal section in a package of 9. The cards I designed myself and printed them at home. I tried to utilize a lot of “white space” when designing them so that it wouldn’t hog all my colored ink so I could simply print them at home. All in all it really is a great cheap inexpensive way to send some love with no cavities included.


Want some of your own? You can get either, or both in a downloadable PDF format with editable fields to personalize them to your own little one. Click here to download the Race themed card. Click here for the aMAZE valentine card. Race car cards print 2 to a page and aMAZE cards print 6 to a page. I recommend using plain white letter sized (8½x11) cardstock. In case you need it, I used KG Ten Thousand Reasons for the names (it’s a free downloadable font).

maze 2

Here’s to love in the air and fewer cavities.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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