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2013-01-03 11.57.00

Spool Table Reveal

We used the wax paper ink transfer method from Unexpected Elegance on a large scale to add text to the table top since we wanted it to look more like a vintage spool of thread than just an old cable spool. I searched through hundreds of images to find the right style and layout that would work with the table. we stained the wood in a simple vinegar /coffee/steel wool stain solution that we made to get that dark weathered look rather than the pale plywood look.



Sadly there wasn’t much to be done about the bolts and they ended up rusting  a bit. I’m still brain storming on the best way to cover it up, but for now the entire thing was given a layer of poly to seal the wood so it wouldn’t warp or get ruined from our Florida rain and sunshine.



2013-01-03 11.57.14


We went with sisal rope as our “thread”. We began wrapping the spindle from the bottom and glued all along the way up. If you plan to leave your table open to the elements, I suggest a polyurethane rope that can be used in outdoor applications to prevent mold or rot setting into your rope.

To keep the bottom up off the ground, we screwed in simple wooden hobby wheels and created very short feet for the table. This kept the bottom of the table from sitting directly on the ground and becoming more susceptible to the elements and spills from kids drinks.


2013-01-03 11.57.24


The kids have loved having lunches out on the back porch with their new table and it makes us really happy to see them using something that we built for them.



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