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14 Valentine’s Day Garland ideas!

Well if you’re much like me, you only just got the rest of the Christmas decorations put away and you’re already geared up for the next holiday. We have 3 birthdays between now and the day we honor love in this house, so it can get a little tricky having seasonal decorations up in addition to party themed decorations. I guess everyone’s birthday will just be full of a little extra love this year.

To get you started I searched the inter-webs and rounded up 14 Valentines garland ideas to get your ideas going and bring a little extra love into your home.

Stacie over at Stars for Streetlights offers up her sewn paper heart garland with a slight stitch and color twist after being inspired by an old college friend. You can read all about it here.


Audrey, a contributor at Sei Lifestyle, brings you these sweet paper hearts. See how she did it here.


Anna at Noodlehead chose to celebrate Valentine’s day by using one of my favorite kid craft items, pom poms. Cheap easy and fun, this window garland is fun and unique. You can read about how she did it here. I just wonder  how she got her strands to hang straight, maybe a little weight on the bottom, maybe tape…


I swear Natalie over at The Busy Budgeting Mama and I could be the same person. Budget obsessed concious, with 3 very young kiddos, 2 girls and a boy. I mean, her first born and mine have super curly hair, her 2nd and mine have super straight hair, and we both were blessed with a little boy to protect his older sisters. We’re both graphic designers and keep a crazy busy house. Oh and she makes super cute stuff while looking fabulous. That last part might be where we start to differ. Having 3 kiddos did not leave me with a pre-baby super fit body like hers but ….oh well. You can check out her valentine garland here. There’s a super cute photo shoot of her little one to go along with it.


Jen of the ever popular Tatertots & Jello offered up her take on Valentine’s garland last year with these heart doiley mantle lights.  So maybe don’t put away all those strings of Christmas lights just yet. Check out her entire mantle here.


Pam Garrison brings us away for the typical heart theme with her take on a Valentine’s Day garland using these super cute cupcake liners. Check it out here.

Tristan over at Two Girls Being Crafty stepped away from the pink and red themes and made this adorable sewn felt heart garland. I love the time she put into the stitches even if she claimed it didn’t take very long…it helps if you know what you’re doing. You can see this and other ideas from the other “crafty girl” here.


And then there’s Martha. You know, Martha Stewart, someone who gets paid to do this stuff for her she whips up this cute interlocking heart garland. You can read about how that was accomplished here.


 I gotta be honest with you, I love orange. That’s why I super love Jessica from HowAbout Orange‘s Asterisk Heart garland. Pink…Red….who needs ’em. I’m going orange! See her whole post here.


Let’s continue on with the throw caution color to the wind and let me tell you about Brooke from Grace & Light‘s Paint Chip paper punch garland. It wasn’t created with Valentine’s day in mind, but I’m loving where she’s going with it. I love it even more when you consider her supplies were free from her local paint supply store. If I love anything, it’s saving money…and making cute stuff. Check out her fool proof phototutorial here.


 Okay, well this one made me swoon just a little bit. Okay a lot of bit. It’s not that the idea is particularly original but it’s her execution and more over the dedication that it took to punch and sew 800 paper hearts. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Come closer to the screen, I don’t want anyone else to hear. SOMETHING VERY CLOSE TO THIS WILL BE IN MY HOME THIS SEASON! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell. I just love this so much. You can check out Rachel’s garland how to here.


 Marcella over at Citrus Lane‘s paper garland. Think back to your childhood and the paper links you’d make for Christmas time. In fact I made those with my 2 little girls for their tree this Christmas. I love this because you can totally get your kids involved, with supervision of course. My oldest is just 3 and she amazed me recently with her dexterity when it came to using a stapler. I think she would have a blast. You can read how Marcella or actually her son, make this super cute paper heart garland here.

citrus lane

 Christine at A Rambling Fancy put together this twist on paper heart garland with her use of different shapes and layering. Check out her site and other “ramblings” here.

 Rebekah at Woven Home has a sweet tutorial on how to make this chain linked 3D paper heart garland. I love it when paper and machine come together as one. Okay that was weird. Sorry. I just love this. In fact I made some things for our little man’s first birthday using this same technique. More on that later. Click on over and see the full tutorial here.



I hope these inspired you and you find time to string up a few extra hearts this year.


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