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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I first saw a version of what is now our “kids only” Christmas tree on pinterest. It was coming from Etsy for something in the ball park of $35. Whauuuhht?¬†Upstairs I ran and gathered some stuff. I had bought the green felt at Walmart while I was there for my (necessary evil) Walmart run for this purpose but I had red felt at home and I wanted the kids “ornaments” to kinda match the color scheme we had going for the rest of the decorations.

If you’re thinking you’ve seen this green felt before, you’re right! I used what was left from the 3/4 yd. I bought for this tree to create Day 6’s Mistletoe Kissing Ball¬†in this years 12 Days of DIY Giveaway.

It was hard to snap pictures of the kids because, as always, they would not hold still and silly me, these pics are from my phone! But the each had a blast decorating and Re-decorating the tree.

I first started out with the tree in the playroom and with some wall safe adhesive strips. That lasted, uh, 10 minutes. I moved it downstairs into our formal living room a place we walk through multiple times a day and secured it with some staples from my staple gun and there it has remained, relatively unscathed.

I do now and again find a random felt ornament laying in a different room of the house, courtesy of this little guy, but he’s so stinkin’ cute I’ll let it slide…

Merry Christmas!


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