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Advent Calendar Millionayres style

Okay, well I can’t take TOTAL credit for this idea. I was inspired by idea from the good people at Silhouette. You can check out the original here. I admit, it’s still hard to admit that something wasn’t my original idea, I guess it’s true “There’s nothing new under the sun.” (Lamentations 1:9). But it’s espeically hard to swallow when I genuinely believe I’ve come up with a completely unique idea only to later see it on another blog or hear someone say, “Oh yeah, I saw that on Pinterest.” ugh. Oh well. So no, this wasn’t my idea, but I think even without the frame, mine came out really cute and my kids and the Hubbs and I have been having a great time with it. It’s nothing fancy, I actually just used regular office staples to secure it to the wall. Mainly because the thought of push pins didn’t don on me until later and I couldn’t find the staple gun.

I know a lot of people like to include family activities in their advent calendar but this year I made it more of a learning opportunity exposing our kids to the story of Jesus verse by verse with some probing questions mixed in. Each day we read the verses from the days before and the verse for the day out of Luke 2 and when the kids are done humoring us listening intently, there’s a little sweet in there for them. For us, it alternates between m&m (7 each) and Hershey’s kisses which they call “Giant Chocolate Chips” (1 each). It’s just a little something that get’s them excited, gives them something to look forward to and helps them generate a positive association with learning from the Bible. Hmmm maybe all I need to improve my quiet times is more chocolate. I can hear it now, “Sorry honey, it’s not for you. It’s for my spiritual well being” (while the chocoholic husband frowns and slowly walks away).

So, do you do an advent calendar with your family?


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