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Some Bunny Loves You #FreebieFriday Downloadable Lock Screen

Happy Friday friends! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Freebie on here, so let’s change that. Todays #FreebieFriday is a new lock screen for your phone since I haven’t shared a new one since well before Valentines and it’s nearly March! Todays lock screen is a chalk art inspired picture with the words Some Bunny Loves You. And I really do. Thank you guys for following, reading, subscribing to the newsletter. All the things. You guys are amazing.

Speaking of newsletter we are hoping to officially start sending those out on a weekly basis to coincide with the #freebiefriday . So if you haven’t already, go ahead a click the subscribe link over to the side and you won’t miss out on any of the goings-on here in the MillionAyres “estate”. And as always Spam belongs in a can and not your inbox. I promise I won’t blast you with annoying things and I never NEVER EVER sell your contact information.


So without further ado, click here to download your lock screen and set it to your background too! You may have to “right-click” and “save-as” to download the photo if you’re on a computer.

iPhone instructions can be found here. Make sure you set it to “static” and not “perspective” and to zoom out to 100%.

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