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12 Days of Christmas DIY Giveaway Day 2: Wood Disc Earrings!


***UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Falon! Thanks for entering everyone. Be sure you enter all the other giveaways that are live while you still can!***

Well it doesn’t snow here in Florida but you can be I’d be rocking these festive snowflake earrings! I like how muted them came out while still being in the holiday spirit! Now if you’ve never assembled made jewelry, don’t be afraid! And as far as that wood burning tool below is concered it’s optional and I promised no fingers were burned in the making of Day 2’s 12 Days of DIY Giveaways.

I picked up these wooden dics at the same successful trip to Goodwill that I mentioned yesterday and immediately I thought these would make awesome earrings or pendants for a necklace. So I busted out Mr. Millionayres’ drill and the smallest bit we had, a 1/16″ bit. It’s so tiny and precious. I felt like I shout knit it a hat and take it home! Or not. I drilled a hole about 1/8″ from the edge with an old paperbacked college text book that my hubbs has been hoarding for years. You could also use that phone book that you never actually use or even a scrap piece of wood.

I nabbed a sweet snowflake stamp out of my long forgotten stamp collection and hit it with yellow-ish brown sharpie.

When the stamp was looking sufficiently inked, I laid the wooden disc down and transfered the ink from the stamp to the disc. I intentionally did the print a bit off center because if I had tried to center it and was off I would have been Über frustrated. I was merely saving myself frustration, not trying to be artsy fartsy or anything.

I picked up some old type writer style stamps from the dollar spot at Target a few years ago and put them to good use spelling out the word joy on the other disc.

Now, this step is optional because not everyone has a wood burning tool. I love this step in the process for 2 reasons: 1) It really made the disc become more than wooden discs. It made them look like finished medallion waiting to become jewelry, and 2) The smell of burning wood right under your nose without all the mess or smoke of a fire is so satisfying.

***Tip*** If you do get a wood burning tool or you have been using one, you know that it comes with that tiny little metal stand that is supposed to keep whatever surface you’re working on safe. Well more than once it fell off that little stand and a better solution had to be found. Quite by accident I stumbled upon this little terra cotta pot as the perfect substitute. It’s heat resistant, it makes for a heavier base that resists movement and the rim fits perfectly into that notch between the burner and the handle!

Using your pliers open up a jump ring and work it into the opening where you drilled, then close it up.

Open up an additional jump ring and attach it to the first one but before you close it up attach a ear wire, that’s the curvy part that goes into your pierced ear.

Just look at those cute earrings being all festive and stuff. Now there is one more step that you could do, but I opted out of it. That would be to seal the wood to prevent fading. You can use expensive jewlery sealants, the kind that come in a spray paint can, or just clear nail polish. You’re choice. I left these babies au naturale.

I’m even considering selling them on my new etsy shop. What do you think?

Don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway and you could be sporting these beauties to your next holiday function with your festive trendy self.

Update: Sorry, it looked like the Rafflecopter widget wasn’t functioning properly but the issue has been fixed and you can now enter to win todays giveaway!

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