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12 Day of Christmas DIY & Giveaway 2012: Day 1 Yarn Ball Ornament!

**UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Congrats to Heidi S. for the win! **

Well, a lot has happened since last years 12 Days of Christmas. We were blessed with the birth of our 3rd little Millionayres our son, Weston. We moved. The blog is going well. I’m getting super crafty and just launched my etsy site which is starting strong!


So without further ado, let’s begin 2012’s Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas DIY & Giveaways! Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway!

We’ll start with an ornament that has really been sitting on the back burner of my creative thought cave for a couple of years now and I only just decided to do it. That was spurred by a very favorable trip to Goodwill’s craft section. I love when people clean out their craft supplies and I get to snatch them up for a FRACTION of the price! I got the whole bag for 20 cents!

That’s what happened with this. I needed one thing to get this craft going and it was the little wooden beads you’ll see in Today’s

Yarn Ball Ornament!

To make this super cute and “smack you in the face” easy ornament, grab your supplies:

Now the ball of yarn was just from a larger skein of yarn that was actually the casualty of my little ones finding my yarn and making into an awful tangled mess. SO…I had several balls of yarn lying around after all was said and de-tangled.

I took 2 bamboo skewers. Nothing fancy, just 2 from the kitchen (Or at least that’s where normal people keep them. Not in the spare closet in their bedroom.) and stick them through criss crossing each other to look like knitting needles.

When you’re happy with the placement of your “Needles” snip of the extra length of the skewers.

Note: If your skewers are particularly sharp or pokey, you can always file them down a bit with some sand paper.

Now, place a small amount of hot glue right on the edge of the skewer and quickly push the round bead down threading the skewer through the beads hole until the top of the bead and the top of the skewer are flush. Repeat with other “Needle”.

Congratulations you’re half way done! Victory Air High Five!

Get an extra section of yarn, about 6-7″ and tie it in a knot at one end.

Threading it through a section of the yarn balls threads push the looped section through the opening on the knotted end to create a Lark’s Head (or Cow hitch) knot. Sounds confusing but google it and you’ll be all” Oh, duh.”

When your hanger yarn is secure all that’s left to do is hang it on your tree and relax.
Cute side note: Lately our oldest Lilly (whos’s 3) has been telling me that she just sit in the front room and “Enjoy the Tree.” Christmas is a wonder to all children old and young.

Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway!
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