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Millionayres is now on Etsy!

I’m proud to introduce MadeByMillionayres on Etsy. Yes, yes I’ve joined the hoard of crafters flocking to to sell their wares in this awesome online craft fair of sorts. So far I’ve only launched with a few items, and I mean a few. I’ve got 5 things listed but hey it’s a start. And I thought blogging was involved! When you consider all that goes in to every single post…pictures, descriptions, tags, categories, shipping calculations, yada yada yada, the list goes on and on, but it’s worth the shot.

Here are the items I’ve got listed for now, but hope to soon add a boat load more! (Each picture has a direct link)

Eventually sets like this one will be added that will hopefully make the Millionayres etsy site a one stop shop for all sorts of gifts and goodies.


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