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Christmas Tea Tablescapes

So “Tablescape” is a new word that I’ve recently added to my vocabulary. That sounds like something left to the professionals who set up magazine photo shoots and place settings at department stores. Not me. But when the need of table hostesses at my church’s annual Lottie Moon Christmas Tea came about, I put my best plate forward and gave it a shot. Last year I tag teamed with a friend and split the responsibility but this year it was all up to me.

Being the cheap frugal gal that I am, I pulled almost everything together from stuff I had either in my craft closet or laying around the house. When it occurred to me that I didn’t own a tea pot, I put it out to my mommy friends and had a friend who had just what I needed and was willing to loan it out to me.

I used scrap burlap from my fabric collection to make some burlap roses and skewered them onto bamboo skewers  and dropped them into a mason jar. Later with the baby on my hip and some garden snips, I snipped off the ends of some of the lower hanging branches on the pine tree in our backyard. After removing all of the angry spiders whose home I just disturbed, I wedged them down into the mason jar to add that necessary touch of green to the table.

I only had 4 red chargers and 4 green ones so for a table setting for 8 ladies I had to use both and tried to alternate between the two. I originally only wanted the table to be red and white, but when the green chargers were called into play, the use of the above mentioned pine swag came about.

After fruitlessly searching for a broken down chandelier to transform into a centerpiece/cookie platter but when I realized my efforts were in vain, I found this random cage thingy at good will for $3. I spray painted it white, from its original black, and using adhesive dots on the top edge attached a glass platter to the top to place the cookies for my table on. While I was at it, I sewed burlap around an ornament and hung it so it would dangle in the center of the cage thing. A few bits of pine needles and the whole table was pulled together both in form and function.

 The event was super successful and it was fun to see all these ladies both old and young chatting and sharing in the Christmas spirit (even in November).

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