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Kid’s Crafts: Pumpkin Turkeys

I love to craft. I love my kids. I do NOT love to craft with my kids. Kids=good. Glitter=good. Kids+Glitter=Worst idea ever. So before you scoff at me for NOT being a Mary Poppins/Martha Stewart hybrid, let me just say, I’m trying to be a better mom and craft with my kids. Okay, moving on.

A few weeks ago my awesome, I repeat, AWESOME, husband took my kids to chick-fil-a while I hosted a Premier Jewelry party (love that stuff). The kids got to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween, with cute stickers to give them funny faces. Well, Halloween has come and gone and we still had these pumpkins sitting around. So, without their knowledge, I took off the stickers (you know the emotional devastation that would have accompanied had I told them I was doing this before hand. I can just hear the cries of “Nooooo! That’s my very special pumpkin for Halloween!!!!!sob sob sob“) As far as they know these are new pumpkins and mommy is the best. WIN!

Kid craft here we go, deep breaths. I grabbed and cut up all of my supplies before hand.

I just eyeballed the shapes and cut them out. But for the perfection-istas out there, here is a template of the shapes that you can download.

I set all the supplies out and gave my girls instructions on what we were going to be doing. Try taking pictures with craft-hungry toddlers. I apologize in advance for the poor quality pictures and the fact that they were taken with my phone. I tip my hat to you Samsung for meeting my on the spot, in a pinch, photography needs. (btw when I said smile and say cheese, the older one in the blue tank top said “poop!” and both girls proceeded to giggle uncontrollably for the duration of our craft. Deep breaths…..)

 The craft couldn’t be more simple. I armed each kid with their very own glue stick (thank you back to school season for your super cheap glue sticks!).

With a little help from mommy, the girls glued the feathers to each other fanning them out as they went along. I used a variety of colored and textured paper to make the feathers a bit more interesting. Just use what you already have.

Don’t forget to cap that glue stick!

After the turkeys’ tails are all constructed and drying, we started working on the face of the turkey.

Put a big glob of glue on your turkey’s wattle so that it’ll hold as it’s drying.

Now this is also where the adhesive dots come it. I got this package as a facebook giveaway and hadn’t found a real use for it until now. We used this when the impatience of the kids (glue drying time) wore thin.

We put an adhesive dot on the googly eyes too since they didn’t really want to hold due to the pumpkins sweet curves. We also used them when it came time to attach the turkey’s plumage. 3 Dots and those feathers are flyin’ any time soon.

Sit back and admire the cuteness.
Because each kid placed the eyes themselves, the “expressions” made each pumpkin unique and therefore distinguishable when they wanted to know whose was whose. For whatever reason I chose for the turkeys to be beak-less but that would be an easy addition. Glue on a yellow triangle and you just beaked yourself a pumpkin turkey.
 Now the girls will have their own personally crafted turkey at their seats at the kiddie table this Thanksgiving.


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