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Anthro Inspired Wool Wreath

Like so many, I’m guilty of “window shopping” at Anthropologie, adding things to my cart to satisfy my shopping habit but never checking out. Are you kidding me. Their stuff may be awesome, but this stay at home mommy can’t afford my own taste. That’s when the copy-cat imitation bug hits me and that overwhelming  I can totally make that takes over and I find myself crafting into the wee hours to recreate what fun thing I’ve found on their site. Now theirs is handcrafted from Sherpa wool imported from Nepal, yada yada yada. Mine is polyester Sherpa from Joann Fabrics. In my opinion the only real noticeable difference between ours is that I chose pure white Sherpa “wool” instead of the cream that theirs is. White fits our Holiday decor better this year, so there. Oh, and that little thing, the cost. Yeah, that’s one other difference; Theirs:$128, Mine: $8.

I hit Joann armed with 50% off Coupons and picked up 1 yard of Sherpa wool ($10.99/yd, $5.50 w/coupon) and a wire wreath form ($2.99, $1.50 w/ coupon). The other supplies that I used were embroidery floss that I had on hand but still that’s like $0.30 if you just picked up one skein, and fiber fill that I had. I figured on the high end I used $0.50-$1’s worth of it.

I cut out exactly 63 circles (yup, I counted): 21, 6″ diameter circles, 21, 5″ circles, and 21, 4″ circles. In hind sight I probably should have just doubled the number of 6″ circles and made the 4″ ones 5″. C’est la vie.

With my embroidery floss, I sewed a running stitch about ¼” from the edge and pulled tight to make a pouch that I filled with fiber fill then sewed it shut into a little poof ball. Before cutting the thread, I threaded and tied it onto the wreath form. Lather, Rinse, Repeat with all the other circles.

Now, the little poofs were a bit loose so I ended up working my way around and sewing them one to another. I stitched the outer poofs to the middle ones and likewise sewed the inner poofs to the middle ones which were much more secure that the others.

It’s not pretty, but it works.

Then I made a little loop and sewed it to the back for the wreath to hang from.

I just love it. It reminds me of snow balls, not something we get in Florida but this year it’ll be displayed in our home. Maybe it’ll make the “winter” weather we do get feel a little more in the spirit. Maybe.



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