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Not a trick: Out of treats Halloween Door Sign

I was inspired by Christy over at with her adorable “Out of Treats” sign she made to hang on the door knob for tonight (Halloween) when she runs out of candy to hand ou tot the trick-or-treaters. You can she her idea here.

Well since I still don’t have a silhouette machine, sniff sniff, I knew any attempts at perfect imperfect penmanship would be an epic failure and I’d give up. Aren’t I a peach?! So, I jump on my computer sketch out a curvy frame and the message I wanted my sign to read, “{not a trick} Out of Treats”. I love Adobe Illustrator! I printed to the graphics on a sheet of orange scrapbooking paper that I picked up at the Dollar Spot at Target a year or two ago. It came in a pack of 12 Halloween themed papers that I was sure I might someday use…little did I know I’d hold on to it for a couple years and a couple of moves before that happened.

I had a few 8×10 thin canvases that were once part of Lilly’s nursery decor but had since been sitting in craft limbo awaiting their new purpose. A little paper cutting, a little spray adhesive, a little hot glued ribbon and the sign came together.

Confession Time: The scraphappy smudging happened quite by accident. Apparently the ink on the paper hadn’t dried yet when I used my hands to smooth out the paper as it was being glued down and it smeared the ink terribly. So, before the urge to grunt and give up hit, I took my ink stained finger and began smudging the rest of the letters and frame until it had a nice smudgy glow to it. I then pulled out  an ink pad and sponge and gave the same hazy inky smudge to the edges of the papers.

Christy had a little plastic spider to adorn her sign but I did not so I thought about a little bow. Riffling through my scraps of ribbon I found pre-cut sections of 1½” sheer black ribbon. Tying it in a  know it looked somewhat like a bat, so I took a match and tried manipulating the ribbon into curves to resemble bat wings. I’m pretty content with how it turned out which is saying a lot for me.

I also like Christy’s idea of putting the sign out around 8:30 even if there’s still a bit of candy. It give our family a little time to sort and  talk about the fun we had. Plus more candy for me!


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