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Halloween Costume Parade

Well, having 3 small ones means 3 costumes and it’s not always easy to get them to coordinate, especially when they start developing opinions about what they want to dress up as. Being the all powerful mommy that I am (yeah right) I still have final say and I’m proud to announce that all costumes were made from things we had in the house this year. Woo Hoo!

With the baby only 9 months old I thought he needed a costume that would work with him being confined to the wagon as we walk around trick-or-treating.

Lilly the oldest millionayres munchkin, had a pair of doctor scrubs that some awesome mommy friends of mine bought for her for her birthday. Pair that with a small stethoscope that we got from the hospital when Avery was born and bam the Dr. is in.

So, naturally that makes Weston the patient. I grabbed some fabric out of my craft closet along with some snaps and fashioned a hospital gown for him. He’ll be propped up with blankets and pillows in the wagon that’ll boast an IV bag, tee hee.

Well Avery didn’t want to be the nurse so instead she is an owl. Yeah, I know. NO connection there.


I came across this adorable owl costume that McKenzie over at Girl Loves Glam made for her little one. Borrowing from her concept I collected felt from my closet and dove right in. I attached the felt “feathers” to some lighter weight cotton fabric so that her costume wouldn’t be, 1. Too heavy, and 2. Too hot (We do live in Florida). Like McKenzie did, I began gluing the feathers down but quickly realized all this glue was going to add too much weight to the costume, not to mention use up a good amount of my glue supply, so I hopped on the old sewing machine and began tacking down feather with a simple straight stitch. It went quickly enough and I was glad that I made that change. When all was said and done I glued down some feathers from my random craft materials tub and the body of her costume was complete. I attempted a feather hackle pad for the headpiece/mask. I’m no professional but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I chose to embroider the eyes and beaks because I was up with a cough that wouldn’t let me sleep anyway so the mask got a little extra dose of fancy which I’m not upset about. I attached it to a fold-over elastic headband and it was done.

What’s great about this costume is that it should help keep the mosquitos off of her. They think she’s delicious and the girl gets some pretty bad reactions to their bites.

Sorry for the pictures. They were the best I could do with my phone and a fidgety child.

Now, here’s hoping I have my act together better come next year and have this all done well ahead of time….yeah right.


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