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Spider Web Update

Alright so I didn’t get out to the dollar store,which is probably for the best since I can never get out of there before finding a million¬†dozen things I “need”. So I came up with a simple (and Free) alternative to a giant plastic or rubber spider for our front door web. With some pipe cleaners and yarn I had on hand not to mention fun googly eyes and the help of my little millionayres, we crafted a spider who I’ve taken to calling Charlotte.

It was fun coming up with something using what we already had in my craft closet and the girls had some pipe cleaner and colander¬†fun while I wrapped the yarn into a ball and cut some black pipe cleaners for the legs. It really couldn’t be easier. I attached the legs by threading the pipe cleaners around a couple strands of yarn and rolling them to secure since the yarn ball was too tight to just stick through.

I know spiders have WAY more than 2 eyes and if I had a bunch of small googly eyes, Charlotte would look even creepier. So maybe it’s for the best to keep it light and fun. I like how it looks like she’s still working on her web just waiting for her next meal…dun dun dun!

Here’s my little pumpkin, our oldest, Lilly posing proudly with our new craft.


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