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Halloween is just a few short days away. While you’re trying to avoid that glorious pile of goodies that the early planner in you bought for your late night snack  trick or treaters, why not glam up that front door a little. The mummy front door is cute and inexpensive but I just know my toddlers would grab hold of those streamers the first chance they got and rip them to shreds. So I decided on an alternative using a roll of cotton twine that I got from the dollar store a million and a half years ago.  Here’s what I came up with…

I have to tell you that the quasi-perfectionist in me was having a hard time getting the stings to look unsymmetrical and spaced unevenly. I really had to move the string around and around to get it even this messed up. My natural tendency is to make things in a evenly spaced symmetrical pattern. That’s what I love about graphic design, I can always make things exactly how I want them. Sketching by hand irritates me because it’s never perfect. Anyway, rant over.

I think it’s simple and fun and should surprise my arachnophobia hubby when he gets home from work. Now off to find a fake spider to take up residence here. Hooray, another trip to the dollar store!

What’s your front door looking like this Halloween?


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