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Boo to Greet You: Halloween Wreath

Though she hasn’t found her final resting place (morbid, I know), here’s my 2012 version of my Halloween Wreath. It appears that I never shared last years version and the only picture I could find was one take with an old cell phone camera. Not blog worthy. So let’s just pretend like you saw last years, you loved it and have been eagerly awaiting the new and improved version all year long. Okay so on to this years version…

A simple dollar store grapevine wreath spray painted black was the backdrop for the tulle and satin fabric flower and the letters were made from cereal boxes, you can find my tutorial on that here. Add a dollar store crow and we’re in business.

I wouldn’t claim to be the best arranger of things, but I’m happy with the way this one turned out. A simple loop of gross grain ribbon and the wreath was ready for display. As I said even though she’s currently homeless, she’s starting to make the place look festive and is thoroughly creeping out my 8 month old who keeps crawling around and yelling at it. I have a feeling it’s the bird. Last year our daughter who had just turned 1 was also creep-ed out by it and would wearily walk past it and yell “Buhrd” thinking we had let a wild creature into our home.

So what wreaths are adorning your walls and doors this halloween?


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