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She’s a Sassy little thing…

So a while back a good friend of mine gave me a box full of old clothes knowing I like to repurpose old stuff and make “new stuff”. She told me, “I figured you could use this. I mean you make bracelets our of sweaters.” Of course she’s referring to the knit bangle I did on a DIY Wednesday (tsk tsk I haven’t been posting those in a LONG time). So amongst the sweaters and blouses from her professional life in NYC were many, I”m talking TONS, of tights, leggins and stocking enough for a lifetime. My favorite surprise discovery, however was a pair of fishnet stockings! I immediately thought of Halloween (really what other time would I even think to use or possible wear fish nets).

After picking up a little holiday gourd from the Dollar store, I jammed that baby down into one leg of the stocking, pressing and squeezing and shifting it all the way down into the toe of the stocking so that the seam would be underneath the pumpkin, thus hidden. I cut away the remainder of the stocking about an inch or so above the top of the pumkin’s stem letting it fall down around the stem. After a while of letting it sit, the stocking were crying to be returned to it’s natural shape and began pulling down and away from the stem of the pumkpin. Time to bust out your friend and mine, the glue gun. A few small dabs of glue along the base of the pumpkin stem and the stocking was permanetly attached. I put an end to her shifty ways.

A quick frayed fabric flower from some spare black satin and a few broken twigs from a grapevine wreath I had already painted black and we were in business. This Sassy Pumpkin is ready to strut her stuff. Aaaand by strut her stuff I mean sit on a shelf and look cute for a few weeks before busting out the fall decorations. Don’t ya just love the holidays.


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