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Halloween Pun’kins

Okay so I just love love love our little new additions. No I didn’t have another baby and not tell you all. I got crafty and made these sweet little creatures!

I stumbled upon some sweet vintage Cat Eyes at my local Goodwill. I don’t know exactly how old these puppies (or should I say kitties) are because they were still in their original packaging and it was from a pre-bar code scan era. As a lover of vintage things, there was definitely a pull between honoring the awesomeness of a cool old find and using it for it’s original purpose. I think I did them justice however.

It was stupid easy to pull these Pun’kins together and I ended up giving them “feet” that I hadn’t originally planned but here’s what I used.

When I set out to make these little guys, I thought “Cat’s Eyes. I should make a black cat out of a pumkin“. Well my first pumpkin was too big and the weebeedy eyes would have just looked silly on it. So I dug through my Fall decorations and found some smaller fake pumkins I bought from Walmart last year on SUPER Clearance! They were perfect.

A coat of cheap black spray paint later these babies were looking good. I used a nail to poke a “pilot” hole for the eyes to stick into and they’re not going anywhere. I didn’t even have to bust out my trusty glue gun. She is getting lonely. Sorry gluey, maybe tomorrow. As a rule, friends don’t let friends spray paint alone so I had my little helpers in “smocks” ready to lend a messy helping hand.

Now as a happy accident, my little pun’kins sprouted feet. I remember stumbling across a great idea on Pinterest (duh), from our dear friend Martha Stewart on a smart trick for painting chair legs, you can see the tip here, so when the thought of painting the bottom of the pumkin then waiting for it to dry to finish painting the top half presented itself, my impatient self laughed at it mockingly and said, “Take that pumkin, you just got Martha’d!” Well by the time the whole thing was said and done, I kinda liked the weird little impromptu tripod limbs they were sitting on. So they stayed.

The little one reminded me of a girl so naturally, she got a bow. Or should I say a moth. It’s a butterfly that came attached to some decorative sticks that were in a flower bouquet my mom received for her birthday. No I didn’t steal it. I just spray painted it and borrowed it permanently. Thanks mom.

Well these cuties will soon join the rest of our other spooky cute decor once Avery’s birthday has come and gone. Seems weird to have Halloween themes bustin’ into a 2 year old’s birthday party, so they’ll have to wait. Already I’m thinking I might still give one some cat ears and tail and maybe some bat wings to the other one. We’ll see.

 Oh and as a sneak peek, I found this cute little guy at the dollar store. I couldn’t help myself, you know how much I love that place, especially now that they take coupons! He’ll get a make over VERY soon so be sure to check back to see Whooo got a makeover.


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