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ZAYCON Chicken Event: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69/lb!

So it comes to me as a total shock that I have never blogged about Zaycon Food. I’ve shared it with all my friends and totally pimped out my facebook page singing it’s praises but the MillionAyres Blog has failed to shout the awesomeness of this company from the Blog-o-sphere Mountain Tops! My Bad Zaycon Foods. I hope we can still be friends.

Anywho…So here’s why I’m lovin’ me some Zaycon Foods. They are a company dedicated to providing Fresh Quality Foods direct from the Farm to the Consumer (you and me). They can do this at wholesale prices because they offer bulk buying to the consumer. I’m talking BULK, but it’s totally worth it. So are you ready for 40lbs of 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. I know I am. This fresh, Never Frozen meat is exceptional. And it’s not just Chicken. Their product list includes Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef, Fish as well as seasonal Fruits! Ive also bought their pre-cooked chicken strips: DE-lish, Oh and let’s not forget the pies around the Holidays!

I’ve been buying from Zaycon Foods since late 2011 and have purchased something at every subsequent “Event” since. Here’s a pic of the last haul I got with a little before and after of our deep freezer:

So whether you’ve got room in your freezer for an extra 40 lbs of chicken or you wanna go in on it with a friend or two, I highly recommend it. Right now Zaycon Food has opened ordering for their Chicken Event in Florida. Even if you’re not in Florida, there’s a good chance there’s an even scheduled in a location near you since they are in 48 states!

p.s. And just between you and me (eh-hem), I personally drive over an hour to pick up my orders but just emailed (as encouraged on their website) asking that they consider adding a pick-up location closer to me. Here’s hoping they see the wisdom in my request and I can start spreading the gospel of Zaycon Foods to more of my local buddies who didn’t want to make the trek.

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